A gift advice thread! Target: middle-aged woman

My husband’s aunt is kind of a sweet lady but also kind of a firecracker, like her mother. She likes “sweet” things in all forms–she sends us turtle cheesecakes at Christmas, drinks canned cocktails, and gives our daughter big gift bags full of frilly dresses and ballerina snowglobes and stuffed animals. At the same time, she has the firecracker side. She can be startlingly unsentimental about her own family while also working very hard to help them, and doesn’t feel obligated to do anything she doesn’t want to do (cook, decorate for Christmas, help her deadbeat daughter buy a car). She has always worked full time and her daughter has always been a handful–and now her parents and elderly neighbor are a handful. Also, her husband just retired, so he’s around all day now (hee hee). I think she doesn’t really have any hobbies except dealing with all of that.

We are visiting them in a couple of months and I think I MUST bring a gift for her. What should it be?

I’d bring her a bouquet of flowers.

If the gift is intended as a “thank you for hosting us” token, it should be something that both the aunt and her husband can enjoy, not something personal for the aunt. Traditional hostess gifts are liquor, gourmet food items, or flowers. You could get them a fun game that everyone would enjoy playing while you’re there, or a movie everyone would enjoy watching together.

Godiva chocolates. Problem solved. Godiva also makes some other things, like coffee and cookies and ice cream.

I vastly prefer the dark chocolate, and then the milk chocolate. The ivory pieces are all right, I mean, they’re good candy, but they ain’t chocolate.

Sounds like she could use the gift of spoiling herself. Getting away from the family for a massage/spa treat; a few hours of just ‘aaaaah!!’ that’s just about herself :slight_smile: I’m betting she’d love it, but never treat herself to it.

Now, how to gift her that without gifting anyone else anything I dunno. Since she’s the only one you’re actually blood relatives with, perhaps you could slip it to her as you’re leaving with a ‘Happy belated/early birthday, Auntie!’ and scoot before she can try to decline it. :smiley:

I think flowers and food are right on. Some more information: we’re going there so that my husband and his uncle can go to a concert. His aunt and I and my daughter will be hanging out at the house. We’ll spend one night there.

I’m thinking a box of nice breakfast pastries for breakfast in the morning. Everyone can enjoy those… if she and I don’t polish them off while the guys are away.