A gift worthy of the occaision?

A question to the TM. It so happens that I am soon due to chalk up 15 years service to my employer. This might well be interpreted as either profound loyalty or a fundamental lack of ambition. I started on April 1st 1986. :smiley:

It’s been a long time, over 1/3rd of my life and in that time workmates have seen the gradual transmogrification from a naif country boy of teetotal/non smoking habits, a boring as bat shit dweep whose biggest interest was playing top grade sport (hockey) to the current model as a slightly podgy, bitter and twisted, rapidly balding cynic with dodgy knees, a family with 3 kids under 5yo, a mortgage with too many noughts in it, and a liking for South Australian Shiraz.

Anyhow, to mark this auspicious event I have been given the right royal sum of $150 (which works out at about 20 cents per week) to purchase a testimonial gift of my choosing. On current exchange rates that’s about USD75, but I’m not about to study equine dentistry.

Not being a particularly material man, nor one for self edification; watches, pens and other souvenirs aren’t of interest. I could use it to cover the weeks grocery bill, which would have a certain poignancy. Having waged guerilla warfare against the corporate establishment, without noticeable success it might be noted, some subversive literature of the “Up the Organisation”, “Yes, Minister/Prime Minister” ilk might be good too. Being in IT, a collection of “Windows for Dumbies” books might be a nice touch as well.

Any other ideas from left field?


<Bump> of Grace.

[sub]A bad combination message board/ Sth Australian Shiraz joke. Yep, I need help.[/sub]

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Single-handedly saves woolly from putting up another brick!

Decided to run with an 1986 vintage red, just to be contemporaneous. This blew Grange out of the budget. I’ve got one '86 Rockfords Basket Press Shiraz left. So for a contrast I picked up a Chateau Magadelaine that has aged better than myself and will probably be eminently drinkable when I retire.

Thanks for your help!

You are talking $75 US?


I can’t comment for fear of making you feal like poopoo. Except, that’s just WRONG, just WRONG. Shoot even the $150 in US rates would be WRONG.

15 years of service? My GOD that deserves a lot more than $75 or even $150…but that’s just my opinion, you did post this in IMHO.