Which Gift Would You Choose?

I was going to ask “Which Gift Should I Choose”, but I think I’ve got it picked out. Now I’m just curious how others would go with this…

Anyway – I started working with my current company on October 28th, 1998. On Friday I received a (slightly early) e-mail congratulating me on 10 years with the company, and it had a link to a catalog of items from which I could choose.

So…which would you take?

(If the link gives you an attitude, then go here, enter company code 2078, and click the “10 year” box.)

A bike. I really really need a bike, but I can’t afford one.

Wow, you guys get some sweet-ass shit. I’d go for the telescope, personally. I’ve always wanted one but it never makes it up the heirarchy of stuff I intend to buy.

Ahh, yes…a bike. Like the one my wife bought for me last week. :smack:

If I didn’t have an espresso machine already, I’d go with the espresso machine.
But since I do, I dunno…maybe the telescope? I’d want to take a closer look at that saphire ring. I’m guessing it’s cubic saphonium.

I’d get the stereo system. The sapphire and diamond ring elicited a “ooooh, preeety!” from me, but very impractical and would probably get lost with the heaps of jewelery already owned.

Probably either the espresso maker or the flatware set.

I just have to share that the only time I was ever in your situation, one of my options was a chainsaw. I tried explaining to the HR director why maybe that was an odd choice, but he just didn’t understand.

Impractical, yes, but I’d totally go for the Waterford bowl. That’s gorgeous and I love glass.

Nice gifts. The only time I got anything for 10 years it was a little brass star pin with “10” engraved on it. Woohoo.

Man, that’s some pretty cool shit at 30 years. Hang in there, Hal!

Gonna have to go with the espresso maker (the DVD player is pretty cool, too).

I love how one of the 45-year gifts is what appears to be a set of chainsaws. :dubious: :eek:

Wow. You got way better stuff than I did at my 15-year anniversary. I’d choose the bike. (I chose luggage. It was the only thing that wasn’t some king of knickknacky trinket that would just take up space at my place, and I actually needed luggage at the time.)

The Griddler, definitely. I was also tempted by a watch, but I already have eight watches.

Our digital camera just shit the bed, so that’s what I’d pick. Otherwise, I was also tempted by the cookware or the GPS.

This is almost precisely my answer. A telescope is exactly the cool sort of thing I would love to have but that I can’t justify actually spending money on. If I had a chance to get one for free, I’d jump at it.

I considered the grill and the espresso maker, but I’m very picky about quality on food-related items, so it’s unlikely that I would find them acceptable. I’d have to do more research on exactly which models are being offered in this promotion. With the telescope, by contrast, I’m decidedly a layman, so a middling-quality version would be just fine.

I liked the three bowls. I’d have a hard time choosing between them… probably the steel one. After that I’d have chosen the bike. I don’t need a fancy, expensive bike, just one to ride around some.

Another vote for the telescope, but after that my next choice would be the beverage or wine cooler. However, we’ve got some Calaphon skillets and those things rock.

Awesome selection!

Hydro kit!

Seriously, though, I would probably go with the telescope.

The pendulum clock looks rather nice.

To recognise ten years’ service, my employer gives a $500 gift voucher from one of the main department stores.


Hot golf club action, although I’m assuming you already have a nice set of clubs or don’t play golf.

As a former expensive telescope owner, I can say with some authority that if you don’t want it enough to buy it, it will be an expensive conversation piece within a month or two.