A girl, one cow, rides off into the sunset

Cute story about a girl that rides a cow instead of a horse.

I’d love to find a high res version of that photo of her jumping the fence. That would make great wallpaper for my laptop.

this photo is so cute.

There is video with this article.

Never heard this before.

Go cowgirl!

I gotta admit, I was a little mooooved.

She’s milking the press for all this attention.

I believe that is a steer and not a cow.

reminds me of a one-liner joke from the National Lampoon magazine about 30 years ago:

One writer sends a memo to another writer on the staff, saying:
“hey, Jim, I don’t know if there’s enough material here for a whole set of articles, but it just occurred to me that if Cortez’s cattle had gotten loose instead of his horses, all the Sioux Indians would have been riding cows.”

Is this thread being steered into a series of udderly ridiculous puns?

No joke – there was an early settler of Massachusetts back in the 17th century who rode a cow. He was driven by necessity (as is this German girl) – he didn’t bring any horses over on the ship, so he made do with the best he had.

Give that girl a pat on the back.

My Great-Aunt used to ride her cow into town. One time she swore somebody had milked the cow while she was in the general store.

Not to nitpick, but I don’t know that I’d classify what that cow is doing as “jumping”. Certainly nowhere on par with a horse that jumps. The cow always has 2 feet on the ground.

That being said, I’m sure as far as jumping cows go, that one is very talented. :slight_smile:

You’re wrong. She’s a cow, from a meat breed - their udders aren’t as huge as the udders on milk breeds, but you can definitely still see them in at least one of the pictures.

A pit bull is just as likely to be female as a poodle is, after all.

Beat me to it. Yeah, I see teats in the photo where she’s leading Luna. Plus I’m pretty sure people who live on a farm know how to tell.

:: tries hard to not spew choclate milk over the computer ::

Excuse me for a serious observation, but what struck me about this (aside from the slack-jaw visuals) was the ingenuity of this 15 year old in working her parents over their refusal to get her a jumping horse. The World is now taking sides.

Hard to say what the issues were originally, but this is one determined and cunning teenager. My money is still on German parents: “Was ist, denn, dieses schiese? Nein, sie kann immer noch nicht habe ein pferd! Ende der diskussion.”


Thanks Lute. That image will work great for wallpaper. Your Google skills are impressive. :wink:

Wow, that cow has knee pads or shin splints? Just noticed that.

Beautiful story but that is a beef cow on a farm. I hope it doesn’t end up like that joke about the pig with a wooden leg.

“Well, you don’t milk a cow like that all at once!”


She will have to learn that she is only pawn in the game of life.