a good sneeze

My sneezes tend to be : waCHOO! but I have noticed many different kinds over the years.
My dad said horseSHOE!
My mom’ s was a one syllable jyeeaa!
My best friend was a three syllable* hi-YEH-hoo!*
now my one year old’s are: h’bhppp!
I knew a girl who would do a ver high-pitched and quiet: a…cheww

have I missed any?

Female friend holds 'em in real tight, and they escape as a barely audible nnd-tsss

Friend back in my school days used to go wa-HOOOOO-EEEEEE just as loud as he freakin’ could. Scared the crap out of me every time over several years.

I’m a photic sneezer. I step outside on a bright sunny day, and I’m triggered to sneeze three times. No more, no less. Three is the number of my sneezes, and the number of my sneezes shall b - ok, ok, I’ll stop.

Anyway, I learned a long time back that there’s no use trying to stifle it, so I just cut loose. ahCHOO! It’s not too loud, not especially quiet.

My dad on the other hand is known for scaring children and large dogs. WAA-CHOOOOO! WAHH-CHOOO!!

I had a friend in college who did teeny little h’-chEEE! sneezes, which were pretty funny coming from a 5’9 sexpot redhead. We gave her some grief for that. :smiley: