a great day for US customs

U.S. Seizes 10 Tons of Marijuana on Mexican BorderWell, the narcotic-sniffing dog found the narcotics and the truck-driver was arrested.

Since the DEA is doing the Homeland Security thing these days - U.S. Customs has priced a pound of Mari…err Pot at $450 for mexican.

Will the narcotic-pushing truck-driver see the light of day before any number of Saudi’s and other Al-Queda-types getting the maximum 15 years?

Most likely not. You can get a lesser sentence for molesting a child than for selling drugs. Seems to me our priorities are a bit off.

Background - Bush signed the Omnibus bill on Thursday. In short, it’s the FY2003 federal budget (FY2003 began last October 1st).

We heard hrough the ranks that Bush wanted any appropriations concerning marijuana (studies, decriminalization, medical use, etc.) to be removed from the bill or he would veto it and shut down the government. (Sorry, no cite. This is one of those potential ULs one hears through channels.)

Don’t expect any fair and objective assessment on marijuana at the federal level while Bush is in office.