A Happy, Happy Week

Yep, this is going to be a good week, filled with joyful things for a.) me and b.) also for others.

First of all…
The 2003 Nimbus book is FINALLY published.


And if you click on Click here to read an excerpt from the book, they picked my essay!!!

And then…

Well, after getting everything through the registrar’s office. :slight_smile:
This was my last requirement, and I had to FIGHT and ARGUE to get
them to take a CLEP test score instead of actually having to take
the class (which would have been $1200.00, plus I couldn’t have done
it until the fall.) My advisor kept saying, “Well, nobody ever
passes that test. I’ve never known ANYBODY who passed that test. I
don’t know WHY you think YOU’RE going to pass that test. Etc., etc.,
etc., etc…”

Well, not only did I PASS it…
I GOT 100%!!!

Everybody at the testing center said they had never seen that
before. Which sounds hubris-like, but you know, I suck at a lot of
things. At some point, you just have to play up your strengths. :wink:

Ahem. So I’m doing The Happy Dance now. This is going to be a good
week. :slight_smile: A BFA finished, PoA showing at Centennial Park on Wednesday
(the only place in the world that has a full-scale model of the
Parthenon, btw,) and on Friday at midnight…

I think we all know what happens then. Something to bring joy and happiness to so many people, although only the insanely obsessed of us (mememe!!) have been focusing our lives for the past two years on this event and thinking about it every waking hour since we learned the release date. :slight_smile:

But on the CLEP front… it’s been a long road, filled with tears and toil… I am going to spend the rest of my life in academia, whether going to school or
teaching school or lecturing and writing or… you get the idea. I
had a tremendous sense of peace about that while walking back from
the testing center this morning. Thinking “This is my life, and this
is how I choose to spend it.” I’ve done other things. I’ve been a
musician, I’ve owned my own business for years (and you know, I
think I always will,) I’ve moved across the continent, I’m going to
do it AGAIN in the other direction to go to grad school
eventually… and this is where I am. There has been so much suffering in my life. But I like being here. :slight_smile:

Cathy D.

Well, Congrats!
Pass some of your good things my way.