A hearty 'fuck you' to my now ex-boss

Thursday afternoon I was napping before going to work. While I was asleep, my boss Bruce called to say he had to close the store early because of some emergency and so I shouldn’t come in. Fine.

Friday afternoon he called my cell and left a voicemail telling me he had sold the store and that there was no more work to come to, and to call him the next day.

Well he came by my house the next day to give me the money I was owed and told me his whole pity party story about why he sold and went with an offer when it came. The new owners are going to keep it a liquor store and Bruce gave them glowing recommendations of me and the delivery guy.


I was counting on this job! I was planning on keeping this job through the next two years because it fits my school schedule so well. I was already looking forward to making extra money during the holidays!

Bruce, you are a fucking child. You complain that you work long hours 6 days a week? DON’T COMPLAIN TO ME, ASSHOLE! When the law changed and said we could be open Sundays, you didn’t take advantage of it! You could’ve had Sundays AND Mondays off! If you didn’t want to do that, you could’ve had ME run the store on Mondays and had that day off! AND NO ONE FUCKING TOLD YOU TO COME IN TO THE STORE AT 8AM WHEN WE OPEN AT 9! And no one made you stay as late as you do! There was never a reason to stay after me or the other girl arrived for the evening.

I’m still in absolute shock that this happened. I had a job, and poof it’s gone! No warning whatsoever! He didn’t even say “I’m selling the store, this is two weeks notice.” Just job go byebye. Not that that would make any difference, but at least it’d be time to come to grips with it.

I am so fucking angry with you, Bruce. You’re a sad old man and you have no idea how much this hurts me. I enjoyed working at this store over the past 3 years. I knew all the merchandise, I know all of the customers. I liked being able to do reading and study for school.

All you are worth to me now is a reference. I’m going to want to spit at you if I run into you. I can’t believe you didn’t have the fucking decency to apologize for all this.

You are the one acting like a fucking child here.

The “sad old man” employs you for three years, and you are going to want to spit on him if you run into him? Nice one, Asshole. Especially considering that he gave you glowing recommendations to the new owners.

He owes you an apology? It’s his fucking store. He had every right to sell it. You think he should have consulted you before making this decision? He did you a favor hiring you in the first place. Jesus Christ!

Damn, I feel like scouring my brain after reading your pathetic, self involved, ungrateful, poor me excuse of a rant.

Grow up!

dude, he came to your house to give you your money, and did the most he could to help you retain employment at the same store, and you’re pitting him?

wow. i’d be thanking him.

call the new owners. they may be cool and give you your same job, geez.

whistles appreciatively
I give this rant a 10 for unintentional irony & general obliviousness. Excellent.


You people wouldn’t be a tad upset at learning you had no job with no notice? Freaks. I, and everyone else I’ve ever known, would be pissed. Yes, Bruce could have been more of a dickwad and not been forthcoming with the last paycheck and given a lousy reference. But not giving any notice is totally fucked up, and not apologizing about the lack of notice is even more fucked up.

Wotta buncha assholes! Sara has a right to rant. BAD jobs are hard to come by right now. Good ones are as rare as hen’s teeth. You people who think losing a job is no cause for anger are a bunch of freaks, alrighty. While I’ve known employers whose behavior made Bruce’s look saintly in comparison, she’s still got a right to be pissed.


well, if she said: “and i called the new owners and they won;'t even talk with me”, then maybe. but bruce basically said, “i set you up girl with the same job”.

good jobs are hard to come by. liquor store jobs are not. not around here anyway, they all have help wanted signs in the window, asking for students.

If she were pissed off in general about losing her job, which she might very well be able to retain, I could understand that. Spewing hatred at her former employer is uncalled for. I stand by my previous statement.

Thank you, Gorsnak and Evil Captor.

See, part of the problem is that I don’t know who the new owners are. I have no idea if they’re going to call me at all and I don’t have any way of contacting them in the first place. I don’t plan on waiting around to see if they do.

And believe me Creative_Munster, I’m absolutely fuming that I lost my job. I’m also mad that I think the reason I was given for the store closing was not the real one, but I don’t necessarily expect Bruce to tell me everything. I just really don’t like thinking I’m being jerked around, especially when this all happened completely out of the blue. But don’t you think if you lost your job under the same circumstances, especially if this was a job you were counting on, that you’d be spouting obscenities about your boss, too?

Look I recognize that my OP is pretty harsh, and I’ve calmed down a bit since posting it, but dammit I’m pissed. I’m still fairly in shock over the whole thing, to the point that if I speak I can’t quite form words.

I don’t care if he had given me only ONE week’s notice, but I could have still been earning money while starting a search for a new job. There’s a matter of freakin courtesy here. Even if he had given me some warning on Thursday when he told me not to come in, even that would’ve been something. Instead I just got a big slap in the face. And worst of all, he shows no remorse for putting three other people out of a job.

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