What is the best revenge on an asshole boss you've ever seen?

This thread sort of devolved into a general bitch session about bosses/coworkers for a while, but it got me thinking. One person mentioned he deliberately quit right before his jerk boss was to go on vacation. This seemed pretty sweet, but I’ll bet there are better true stories out there.

I just willed a boss out of my life and into a new position. Our workdays were filled with chaos, indecision, and all-around low morale. Now that she’s gone, everyone’s happy and we’re not running around like our hair’s on fire. The mere fact that it’s working now that she’s gone is revenge enough for me. She sees it every day and I hope she feels like a worthless piece of shit (which is how she made me feel for six months).

There’s always **Insult Monger ** - I love that website when my words don’t cut it, they always have the best comebacks…

I did the same thing, and I’m a bit embarassed that I did it. But this guy was a total prick, and I simply couldn’t work there for another day. Also, I had a very real fear of how I would be treated if I gave any notice.

Oh, did I mention we were a two-person office? He was totally screwed.

I told everybody who would listen what an asshole the sheriff I worked for was, spilling all his dirty little secrets. He was roundly defeated at the next election. I don’t think I was the cause of the defeat, but I feel like I did my bit.

I gave adequate notice when I quit the job from hell but was escorted out the same day.
OK whatever-at least I tried to do the right thing.
However when Asshole Boss also screwed me on my last paycheck, I decided enough was enough.
The amount he shorted me wasn’t huge and I didn’t want the hassle of trying to recover it but I did want some sort of revenge.
So I called every account I had while I was working for the jerk and invited them to follow me to the new job.
Later I heard that he had whined to a third party that I took about $150,000.00 - $200.000.00 profits from him.
I didn’t shed any tears.

Not exactly what th OP was looking for, but good nonetheless…

I worked at a place with a very accomplished and established ‘old guard’ who rightfully wanted to protect the traditional way of doing things. The new boss had an opposite philosophy and started making life miserable for the old guard.

One of them resigned and was given a farewell party to honor his ~20-years of service. The full extent of his speech: “I’m glad I came to work here. I’m glad I’m leaving.”

There was a story I was told in the Foreign Service about a complete asshole admin officer who was also a hoarder of illegal ivory and bragged to people that when he retired, he would ship it back to the states in his HHE, which, when coming from an embassy overseas, is never checked. Someone he had shit upon waited several years for the guy to retire, then ratted him out to Customs. I believe he did some jail time and paid a HUGE fine.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

Our top dog just got sent on permanent “detail” and her #2 got demoted.
Was a group effort, but i played my part.
About as good as it gets in the federal gov’t.

I anguished over doing it, but I gave 2 days notice instead of 2 weeks. The boss never appreciated anything I ever did and constantly gave me the blame for his inadequate decisions in front of my clients. I got over the anguish in about an hour.

I know someone (no, not me. I know SOMEONE) who waited two years, and then sent an anonymous letter to the IRS detailing some “irregularities” his boss had overseen. He even went so far as to mail the letter from another city.

While the letter did cause the IRS to audit the business and ruin the boss, the company treasurer also got swept up in the mess and did a stint in prison. The letter-sender said he regretted that, as the treasurer had only been a dupe.

My favorite story is about the asshole radio manager who told the weekend newscaster (a college freshman who was desperately trying to get some experience) that since he was only on the air for five minutes each hour, he should clock in just before the newscast, and clock out right afterwards. The newscaster looked him right in the eye and said in that case, he could only report what had actually happened during those five minutes.

Well, my highest level boss wasn’t an asshole but he was too far removed from the operation to be helpful in the trenches. My facility just shut down and moved to a different location. He moved to the new facility and is faced with the task of setting up a new operation…. from scratch…. with very little help. Words cannot explain the chaos that ensued. I would much rather be unemployed than be in his shoes.

I was working for a European bank in Tokyo. The senior guy in the department was a Japanese analyst who had to be pushing 60. He was long past the idea of actually caring about work; he was just looking to make some coin for him and his buddies. He was such a prick. First, he hired all his old cronies and mistresses (not joking) to come and work in the department. Hiring people you know is, in and of itself, not a bad thing; I’ve introduced friends and co-workers to jobs within the company I was working. Difference is I only do that for people who can actually work - this guy was bringing in fu**ing useless wastes of space. He would regularly sabotage projects run by other analysts (by not telling them of certain meetings, or not passing on deadline info from sales, etc). He tried to get all his buy-side cronies to put in their orders with his buddies working at other firms. It was just unbelieviable.

Now, the very busiest time of the year is late April - from about the 25th or so - through May. It’s probably three times as much work in that one month as in any other two-month period. I got my revenge by going in to prickhead and giving my notice on April 25 - and, since I had 30 days of vacation time coming, told him that today was my last day. They had nobody for the busiest time of year. They were soooo screwed.

My buy-side friends told me that they were basically fu**ed for that month for both the JPN and English products, and that they never really recovered. Dickhead was fired not long afterwards, and the whole department was disbanded about six months after I left. I, meanwhile, went from that bank to considerably bigger and better things at another European bank.

Looking back, I kind of regret what I did, because it could have seriously come back to bite me in the ass, since I still work in the industry - thankfully, I must have done something right because all my my clients (I run my own little business) are either places I used to work, or are places where people I hired/trained work. I’ve been very sure to never burn bridges with a company when I leave a place. Now, burning bridges with a person is a different story…

If the treasurer went to prison he was no dupe, he was in on it.

60 months, 350k USD, and they told him that his pension would be garnished to pay for his legal fees. He complained to AFSA and they pointed out that he hadn’t paid fees in 30 years. They still tell that story in A-100 as a cautionary tale.

Employee drops dime on computer game developer:

They only way to get their attention is to take their money. And anyone can do it to any company.

My husband had a former boss who he really wanted to do something nasty to, but another employee beat him to it:

The boss guy was deathly allergic to poison ivy. The employee one day confiscated the boss’s favorite pen and rubbed poison ivy leaves all over it. He put the pen back on the boss’s desk a few days later. The boss then of course became horribly infected with the stuff, all over his hands, face, mouth etc. and ultimately had to be hospitalized!!! :eek:

My husband said the boss nearly died because of it and could never figure out where the poison ivy came from…

Unfortunately, the guy made a plea bargain before it could go to trial, but my dad was prepared to testify against his former boss when the guy was charged with major insurance fraud, including using FEMA funds for his own personal use. (Fancy cars, decorating his house, etc).

The man would give my dad his paycheck and tell him not to cash it, because it would bounce. And my father would have been the one to get screwed if he had-not the boss. He checked into it, nothing he could do about it. Finally, he told the guy to lay him off (so he could collect unemployment, which he couldn’t do if he quit), or he was going to turn in evidence.

My dad did give testimony in a pre-trial type thing to an attourney, or whatever, but like I said, the old bastard plead out.

Hubby had the same experience with an asshole boss he had. The guy was a complete prick, but thought he was a Golden Boy. You know the type-- the ones who think they’re minor gods because they were popular back in highschool, and at age 35, they’re still acting like they’re gunning to be Prom King. (I swear to Og, he’s exactly like Summer’s boyfriend in Napoleon Dynamite.)

Hubby got promoted and took over Department A, and Asshole Boss was switched over to Dept. B Hubby spent *months *cleaning up all of the massive fuckups that Asshole Boss had done in Dept. A, and when he was done, the department ran effeciently for the first time in years. Asshole Boss tried to take the credit, saying Hubby was just reaping the results of all of the work Asshole had done before he left. Within the same time, Dept. B, now headed by Asshole, completely fell apart. (It had been working fine until Asshole took the helm.)

Lo and behold, there was another switch, and Asshole Boss was put back in Dept. A and Hubby was switched to head Dept. B. I don’t think anyone was really surprised when Dept. A went to hell in a handbasket relatively quickly. (Asshole tried to say that he was just seeing the results of what Hubby had done, but no one was buying it.)

Hubby says that it’s absolutely priceless to see the frustration on Asshsole’s face when he gives glowing reports of how smoothly everything is running in Dept. B at staff meetings. It’s even more amusing, because his reports usually follow Asshole’s litany of complaints and excuses.