A hockey Power play scoring question

In the third period of the Boston-Atlanta game tonight we had:

6:59 penalty on Boston
7:34 penalty on Atlanta
8:17 penalty on Atlanta start of 4 on 3
8:59 Boston penalty over start of 5 on 3
9:32 Boston scores goal first Atlanta penalty canceled PP continues 4 on 3
10:17 second Atlanta penalty ends.

For the purposes of Power play or penalty kill percentages is that

1 for 1 as the whole thing lasted only two minutes?
1 for 2 as there was one goal and two penalties
1 for 3 as there were three different scenarios?

My guess is the second.

An unrelated question. If there are two penalties called on one team at the same time and there are 2 minutes of 5 on three which are killed, is that counted as 0 for 2?

First question: Boston’s powerplay is 1/2 in that stretch. (one goal, two power plays)

Second question: I believe that would be counted as 0 for 2. I don’t think both penalties would end if one goal was scored.