A hold my beer moment that ends like you'd expect.

Anytime someone says hold my beer while I take care of this. You know the situation probably won’t end well.

This tree cutter left his truck beside the tree he’s cutting? WTH? :wink:

The video is hilarious. Thankfully no one got hurt.

It doesn’t look like he notched the tree to control where it fell. He definitely needed a rope to guide it. I’ve taken down a few trees, but would call a pro for one that close to a house.

They are in Arkansas. Maybe Beckdawrek knows them.


It’s loaded on the truck for a trip to the landfill. What’s the problem?

Here’s how an expert does it.


Not personally. I know guys like that, I assure you they are a dime a dozen. I know a guy who was burning brush and it wasn’t going fast enough. He siphoned some gas from his truck and ended up burning his truck and barn and nearly burnt himself up. I know a million stories like this.

I often watch tree felling videos, and that one is pretty amazing!

The original video seems to happen a lot down south.

That was amazing. I’m actually shocked he even tried it. I’m guessing that guy has more than a passing familiarity with tree felling.

I’m becoming more and more skeptical of those kinds of videos as being staged. They flood YouTube these days. Question: why in God’s name would ANYONE have their vehicle parked that close to a falling tree? Look at it, on the face of it, it defies logic and common sense.

If only Yolanda had been there. . .