A hot sauce question

For Christmas, I am giving my uncle a bottle of Blair’s 3 AM reserve. For those of you unfamiliar with this, it is ~3,000,000 scoville units (compared to 5,000 for tobasco/ one jalapeno, etc).

This isn’t a hot sauce, really. It is a food additive. So before people come in asking “why would you want something that hot, you can’t even taste anything after…” and other musings, This product is meant to be for adding a couple of drops at a time to a whole pot of chili, soup, etc.

My question is this:

Invariably, he will want to try a drop (I got him a small bottle with a little dropper for control). What will be the best medium in which to use the hot sauce to ensure that he experiences the most heat? I am worried that just a drop on a toothpick or something will result in the full potential of the sauce not being reached.

So what should we use this sauce for that won’t weaken it, but allow it to be experienced fully?

I was thinking a small blob of mustard, mix a drop of the extract with that, then let him dip a cocktail weenie in it…

Any suggestions?

Since you don’t want to see the objections, you’ll have to quote this to see what my real response is.

Otherwise, hope you and he enjoy this. Merry Christmas!

IMHO, you should throw the crap away. It is meant for practical jokes and bar bets, and has no culinary purpose. Get a flavorful hot sauce, and use more of it if’s not hot enough for you.

I have around 200 different hot sauces in my collection. People give me all sorts of label brands and ultra-hot sauces which I would never to use to cook anything. I keep Tobasco, regular Cayenne sauce, Cholula, and Sri-Racha sauce around for all my cooking. YMMV

Not sure what your question is exactly - doesn’t your uncle not already have plans for his Very Hot Sauce, given that he’s enough of an afficiando that you’re giving this to him as a gift?

I like very hot/high Scoville-type food. In addition to adding it to recipes I also:

Add to cocktail sauce for shrimp, nachos or similar. (Or simply use as a replacement for the cocktail sauce or salsa.)
Carry with me and add to cheese omelettes/breakfast potatoes in restaurants.
Drizzle over anchovies, canned herring or other stinky little fish. Right out of the can. :slight_smile:

I won’t ruin TriPolar’s surprise (how did you do that?) but I agree in part - it’s not simply the hotness, but the taste and flavor.

Feppytweed, instead of worrying about the most appropriate vehicle for delivery of the heat, your uncle should properly prepare his oral cavity for maximum effect.

First, he should brush the top of his tongue as far back as he can reach to remove the layer of plaque. Then, to whisk away any remaining bits of debris as well as the thin layer of salivary proteins and such, he should rinse thoroughly with a big shot of tequila, scotch or other similar elixir he may have lying around. Thus those lovely capsaicin molecules will be allowed to attack unhindered upon his pain receptors like starving piranhas.

Now go ahead and use that eye dropper, aim about a half-inch behind the tip of his tongue, and encourage him to spread the stuff all around his mouth for proper analysis.

This endeavor will probably be more fun for you to watch than it will be for him to experience, until you start worrying about his hallucinations and convulsions. In case of emergency, keep some soft cheese and ice cream nearby.

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When I’ve seen them try this ultrahigh Scoville stuff on the Food Network, they’ll put a drop of it on a corn chip. It’s enough to make the hardened hot sauce connoisseurs cry, so I assume that’s a good way to get the full effect without embarking on a viaje misterioso.

Aha! I should have figured that out…thanks. :slight_smile: