A humble apology to The Asbestos Mango.

In this thread, I admit that I was a bit quick to trounce The Asbestos Mango. While I stand behind my belief that Mango’s story was a more complicated and sarcastic than I personally would have made it, I should’ve taken a few moments to rephrase my opinion instead of immediately jumping down her throat. To her credit, she could’ve taken a cheap shot at me while the rest of the posters were ridiculing me for being a snotty, humorless jerk. Yet she didn’t.

This comes after a few days of thought on the matter. I do have quite a good sense of humor, but more importantly, I can admit when I’m wrong. To The Asbestos Mango, I humbly apologize.


Hey, good for you! Takes a big man to admit when he made a mistake.

Erm, you might want to e-mail The Mango to let her know you’re apologizing to her. Assuming you haven’t already done so, of course. It’s a big board, and not everyone checks all the forums regularly: she might not see this.

Alternatively, you could put a link in the other thread.

Apology accepted.

Now, check your e-mail.

That didn’t work out so good.

e-mail me?

The Asbestos Mango, did you formerly go by another name here on the Boards?

Yeah. I actually started out as agisofia, then I was Thea Logica for a few years.

The current username was inspired by a wisecrack made by my Business Practiced instructor when I was going to school for massage therapy.

See, this is why people should stop changing their usernames! Had I known someone was ripping on Thea Logica, I could have used the years of positive associations I have with that name to immediately know that I should work myself into a Hulk-like frothing rage and snap my keyboard in half. Since I don’t know The Asbestos Mango from The Porcelin Gravyboat, I did nothing. My keyboard sits here intact, mocking me with its wholeness.

As a result, now I have to work.

Thea! So *that’s * what happened to you!

Here’s the other thread, in case anyone was wondering. Stop Following me like a damned puppy.

:: eyes The Devil’s Grandmother suspiciously ::

You haven’t always been a grandmother, have you? Who are you really? C’mon granny, let’s have a look under that wig.

Actually I’m not a grandmother at all. I did have another handle for a while, but it was too close to my real name. It was before the last big crash, so it’s gone now anyway.
I miss your old sig about the prehensile tongues of giraffes, Giraffe.

C’mon, spill! Who are you really? If you tell me, I’ll post my sig… (It’s still there, it’s just hiding.)

You’d really do that for me?

That makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.


I suppose now we’re bound to submit a few wisecracks related to massage therapists, asbestos and mangoes. :wink:

BTW nice apology Foxy

Well, I would have done it for Thea Logica. I’m not so sure about this new mango persona…
[sub]Aw, shucks, who am I kidding? Next time someone gives you grief that keyboard is toast. Tabs and Caps lock flying everywhere.[/sub]