A hypothetical question.

If you were in an hypothetical situation, what do you think you’d do? :confused:



Take the easy way out.

I reject the premise of this thread.

Change it heroically

I would fight the hypothetical. Vigorously.

<Mangling witticisms>Hypothetically, I’d do the same as I would do in real circumstances. Under real circumstances, though, I’m sure I would do something different.</Mangling>

You never know what you might do until you are hypothetically confronted with the hypothetical.

That situation could never exist in real life.

Cut the red wire.

Take the blue pill.

Tell them, “Publish, and be damned.”

Turn the power off, wait ten seconds, then turn the power back on.

Use a condom.


No, B.

edited to add: No, A.

Am I me in this situation or am I somebody else?

Since the hypothetical is unbounded then all possibilities are technically achievable in this scenario. The first thing I’d do is say “Thanks Ranger Jeff. You just made me immortal!”

Fire a warning shot. Just to let them know I’m serious.

Two in the hat, walk away and don’t look back.

What would I do?

The same as I would do in any other situation, real or hypothetical…as I please!
Next question…

Don’t eat the cannoli.

I’d have the lasagna.

I think so, but where would we find two dwarf sprinters in tutus at this time of night?

A duck!