A Justin Bieber find: Madison Beer - lord, I'm getting old...

I read this week’s New Yorker, which has a story about Scooter Braun, who is apparently **Justin Bieber’s **manager and who has been responsible for translating Bieber’s talent and marketability into the multi-platform money-making phenomenon it has become.

I knew enough to know that Braun included Bieber in his next find, Carly Rae Jepson, and by cutting Bieber in on the upside, got Bieber’s support which led to things like his video lipsynching to Call Me Maybe which was part of what led to it blowing up into the song of the summer.

In the NY’er article, they mention that Braun is taking on other acts to prove he is not just riding Bieber’s coattails. One is The Wanted, another UK boy band like One Direction - heard of them. Another is **Madison Beer **- who was described as being a pint-sized Megan Fox in the making. Never heard of her.

Here’sa YouTube clip of her singing Etta James’ At Last.

Good lord - she *does *look like a mini-Megan Fox in tweener form, with a flirty presence - she flicks her eyes like **Susanna Hoffs **of the Bangles used to- and, I am somewhat surprised to say, she seems to have a very solid voice. Not Christina Aguillera good, but she could be Pink good in a few years.

Anyone heard of her? She will probably be put through a hit-making machine and do the same generic pop crap that is all over the radio. But if she was groomed correctly, and did more of this Etta type of stuff or Adele type of material, she could be huge…and worth listening to…

Her version of Etta James’ “At Last” sounds a lot like The Police’s version of “Murder By Numbers”.

Argh!!! That was for a different post! I *hate *it when that happens! Thanks for the catch.

Here’sthe Beer video…

I did find it on my own. She is a very talented 13 year old. Talent had to be filtered through taste. Right now, like most talented 13 year olds I think she sounds like she’s trying to imitate something she thinks she’s supposed to be.

The talent is there. If she matures into someone with good taste she could have something special to offer. Right now, she’s a very talented 13 year old.