Justin Bieber And The 16th Chapel On Letterman

For those of you who missed seeing Justin Bieber on Letterman last night (not exactly what you might think is must-see TV), you did indeed miss Grumpy Grandpa and the Smart Ass Teen.

At one point, Letterman said not to go overboard and get the Sistine Chapel tattooed on his body and Bieber promised he would not get that 16th Chapel tattooed on his body…the entire interview goes gleefully downhill pretty much from word one.

Here is the clip. Enjoy.

:eek: Wow

Won’t play here. Care to explain? Readers’ Digest version?

I had a job painting houses when I was young. My boss often said things like “hurry up, you’re not painting the bleeding sixteenth chapel”. I never told him.

The clip is pretty short, and mostly discussed in the article. But, to cover it:

Letterman is berating Bieber for having tattoos. He asks if he really thinks it helps him.

Bieber talks about getting it since he had a new album coming out, and that it’s not such a big deal (“it doesn’t not help me”).

More discussion of what his parents think; Bieber mentions that his dad has one, and Dave says, “Oh.”

Then Dave leans over and sort of playfully attacks him, trying to ‘rub off’ the new one on Bieber’s arm. Bieber is shouting “Hey! Hey!” but it sounds a bit strange, more like “Eh! Eh!”

Dave says, “You were just going ‘Eh! Eh!’” (making fun of the sound) and Bieber says it’s a Canadian thing.

Then Dave goes into the, “don’t go crazy” bit and the Sistine/16th exchange occurs. After the audience stops laughing at Bieber (who is staring somewhat blankly - he seems not quite sure of what just happened), Dave says “Canadian high schools.”

Dave and Bieber share a fist bump to resolve all differences.



He’s all of what 16? OK, 18. I had to look it up. I guess he should be a little more worldly at 18.

You must have missed the interview were he didn’t comprehend ‘German’ was a language, then you wouldn’t have any expectations.


I missed the whole interview. CBS won’t play in Canada, and Youtube is blocked at work.

Thanks for the link. I’ll watch it later. Maybe.

ETA: I see maybe you’re referring to two separate interviews.


Justin is on a New Zealand tv show and the host asks him if he knows that “Beiber” is German for basketball or something close to that. Justin doesn’t really understand and the host repeats the German part of the question again and Justin still doesn’t get it. The host repeats. Then Justin says he doesn’t know what that means. Then the host shows Justin the question and points to the word German and Justin says he still doesn’t understand.

Then Justin asks if the hosts means, “Do you mean if I like basketball? Yes I do” and the hosts goes, “All right there you go.” End of clip.

Thanks. He can’t really be dense enough to not know that German is a language.

Geez, here I am defending Justin Bieber…

I agree that seems hard to believe. I can’t imagine that the kid hasn’t traveled to Germany in the course of his professional career. As for the Sistine Chapel bit, well, perhaps he hasn’t had much schooling past the eighth grade or so?

That’s ok, I’m sure he was grown from a zygote as property of the record company and didn’t have any education other than singing and dancing and gay hair.

A week or so back he did an entire interview while using a terrible British accent, for no apparent reason other than shits and giggles.

Awfully feminine hairstyle on the Beebs, to me…

All I know about Bieber is that he’s got good taste in girlfriends…

IIRC, at the time he said he couldn’t understand what the host was saying due to acoustic problems in the studio and the host’s accent. I think he was probably telling the truth on that one, because as mentioned he’s performed in Germany.

No offense to lesbians, but to me he looks like a butch lesbian.

I’m just glad there aren’t two of them or we’d have another Jedward on our hands.

Here is a website devoted to Lesbians that look like Bieber

I think I saw him on Leno about a year ago. All I could think is dood, you have to stop saying “like” after every fourth word in your sentences. At least he stop doing that, baby steps Justin. Baby steps.