Justin Bieber arrested for DUI, drag racing

From the “We All Saw This Coming” department, it is being reported that the Bieb is continuing in his cunning plan to get more Star Magazine cover pictures than Lindsay Lohan.


Sorry, but the video to this article is pretty damned funny. Justin getting arrested, from a fans point of view.

What an irritating little twerp.

He’s probably just not gotten over the failed plot to castrate and kill him.

Is DUI a felony in Florida? If so, it’s detention and deportation time.

He used to be so adorable. What happened, Biebs?

So the weed finally caught up to him.


A rented Lamborghini?! Man, I didn’t know Justin had fallen on such hard times that he couldn’t afford to buy one of his own. :smiley:

“Popular young star killed in flaming crash while drag racing” and it has to be the other guy. Tanj.

This just doesn’t sound like the Justin Bieber I know and love.

Paging VogueVixen.

You know, I defended the guy the first few years, when the main complaint was his music and his “brand”, but now I just give up.

Is it just me or is he starting to look like Vanilla Ice?

To me, the biggest punishment for him would be for all his hijinks to not get any publicity.

A friend was denied entry to Canada because of a DUI.

Does this arrest mean Canada won’t take him back? :smiley:

They refer to him as “Bad-boy Bieber”!

If I’m the presiding Judge in this case, I’d sentence Bieber to 2 years performing with the Osmond Family in Branson, Missouri. 5 shows, 7 days a week. Cruel and unusual punishment be damned!

I’m guessing at this point he’s extremely bored and has no idea what he’s going to do with the rest of his life.
If you have all the money you need, no real job, no need for a real job, not much education, no real friends, and all you’ve ever known is how to perform in the teeny-bopper entertainment business, what the hell do you do with your time?

I actually thought that the face-on pic looked like Miley Cyrus.

Check it.

Is GITMO still open?