A la carte DSL?

Grandma and Grandpa are snowbirds in Florida, and I like going down to visit them for 3-4 weeks at a time. Yet it’s such a pain to drive 5 miles to the Starbucks for wi-fi when I want to check e-mail or my regular internet routine.

Provided I was willing to supply my own router and modem box (I could furnish these easily), is there an option somehow to buy DSL internet for one month at a time, sans contract? I’ve never seen it on an ISP’s website advertising.


I think if you buy your own modem for $99 at Best Buy AT&T won’t make you sign a contract. Of course I’m speaking as someone whose waaaaay out of any kind of contract with them. My modem (at work, don’t use them at home) broke and when I asked them if they would send me a new one for free since I’ve been with them for so long they said they would supply it only if I signed a new contract.

Is Roadrunner an option? Time Warner never makes you sign contracts.

No, apparently only comcast services our zip code!

This is what you get when you sign up for a 3G plan on an iPad. The downside is that (1) it’s not DSL, just 3G and (2) you have to have an iPad.

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Cable isn’t an option?

Just got my Ipad2 today! Wi-fi only. I’m Canadian, and so the roaming would be exorbitant. But I might just buy a sim chip for Florida and do my work on the blackberry…food for thought!

Seems to me if Comcast is the only provider, then it is cable broadband, which is not the same thing as DSL. I do believe they have a $24.95 a month plan which gives you 1.5 mbps downloads and you don’t need to commit for six months to get it. You could certainly sign up for it for a month, then cancel it. And if you have a wireless router, you can definitely use it with the iPad.