A Laser and a Razor (super mundane and pointless)

Okay, I warned you that this is beyond the normal level of mundane and pointlessness and you opened it anyway.

[sarcasm] I am certain, after my 140 or so posts here over the last 7 months, that you are dying to know more about me. [/sarcasm] And so I reveal myself.

Here’s what I used to look like. And here’s what I look like now. Oh fine ladies of the SDMB, please feel free to tell me how much better you like the new version.

Okay, yeah, this is pathetic and sad. But I’m kind of bored and I really wanted to use the “lazer/razor” thread title somehow. Sue me.

Not a woman and don’t care about the change. Just want to ask, in the “after” picture…curling?

Yep, Lowell, you blew it. No woman would ever be seen in public with curlers.

Yeah, a.k.a. “team-building”. It’s the only time I’ve ever curled, so I’m not exactly an expert on the subject. I do recommend giving it a try though, if you have an opportunity and haven’t done so. Supposed to be the easiest way to make it to the Olympics, although I think I heard that before they added trampoline-jumping as an official event. Also possible that Olympic curlers might take issue with that claim.

You might need to see a doctor - you look fairly green and sickly in that after picture.

You guys are not helping!

Okay, Lowellster, here you go: you look younger, thinner, more successful, and all-around better in the second picture. (Of course, this may also be due to the fact that there is no embroidered antimacassar behind your head in the second photo. You never know.)

And curling? Now there’s a real babe-magnet of a sport!

[sub]*“If curling is an Olympic sport, oral sex is adultery.” - Lewis Black commenting on Bill Clinton