A lesson learned or beer and haircuts

Since I have been keeping my hair very short, mainly because it has been thinning out in front, I have been cutting my own hair for about a year. I thought why pay someone over 10 dollars to have do something I was perfectly able to do myself. So I bought some clippers and tried it on one of the longer settings. It came out surprisingly well. So I kept it up, cutting my hair approximately every two weeks.

Friday night after returning home, I was not tired so I log onto the computer and have a beer or two or three. Not much was going on so I thought, “hey, if I cut my hair now, I won’t have to mess with it tomorrow.” I mean, I haven’t had that much to drink, sure, I would not go out driving, but cutting hair was no big deal. That task finished, I got back on the computer for about an hour, then after nodding off a bit I decided to hit the sack.

Waking a few hours later, I look in the mirror, and my hair looked fine. There were a couple of spots on the side that needed to be touched up but all in all seemed alright. Then I got my handheld mirror and looked at the back of my head. To say it was somewhat askew would have been an understatement. So I set out to balance the hairline, but I can’t seem to get it just right. Before I realize it, the back of my head almost totally nude!

I think and think about what I should do now. Should I do the best I can and look goofy (or goofier) for a while or just start all over. Taking a deep breath, I grab my shaving cream and Mach 3 Turbo and began the “ultimate” haircut.

So now I am sitting hear with a nekkid noggin’. Not sure if I will keep it like this, but I must admit the fan and air conditioner really feels nice on my head.


Ah, Zap… You’ve learned a valuable lesson.

And made me laugh. Thanks!

Heh. Enjoy it. I guess the next time I see you and Road Rash at a HouDope, I’ll be the odd man out; unless I’ve achieved that look naturally by then.

When I was in fifth grade, we were preparing to move back to Japan and I needed new passport photos. My mom decided I needed a trim and there wasn’t time for the barber, so she got out the clippers and tackled the job herself.

Apparently cutting even a burr doesn’t come naturally, and she had to keep evening it up. She finally had to stop when I ran out of hair. School the next day was not fun, nor were the next several weeks as I caught stares everywhere. There just are not that many bald 10 year old boys.

The best part, though, was a few months later when we got to Japan. The Japanese immigration guys weren’t sure they should let me in, because the passport photo convinced them I must’ve had some heavy duty disease.

sucks about the hair.

My friend once went to a barber. It was a mistake. The barber had only one hand. It was worse than you would imagine.

Pointless story, but I wanted to add something sort of related to the thread before I started rambling on about the cinematic genius which is The Final Sacrifice! Rowsdower is the greatest anti-hero in the history of stories! Not to mention a cameo by Larry Czonka.

Papa Tiger grew up in a very, very small town where Clip, the local barber, was also one of the local drunks. He cut hair great – as long as you got there between noon and 2 pm. It took till noon for him to get enough booze in him to stop the shakes, and after 2 heaven only knew what your hair would look like.

The amazing thing is that he ran his business this way for many years! :eek:

I also discouered it’s a really bad idea to let a friend perm your hair when she’s drunk.

Really Bad Idea !

I had a friend who got drunk and read a book about the Dhalai Lama. He was inspired to shave his head. Big mistake, lol, ugly as hell. Some men do look very grrrrrr with a bald head, I must admit.