Ever cut your own hair? I just did - it feels like my head is floating...

So we had our first really hot day here in Cow-Town and my hair was driving me nuts.

I’ve been meaning to get a haircut for sometime now and just haven’t got around to it.

So I bit the bullet and did it myself - it’s pretty good.

Well, at least right now, at 11:30 or so PM, in my heat addled haze it looks pretty good…


Man. I’m a short-haired dude, and my head feels lighter when I get my hair cut.

I can’t imagine how lightheaded longer-haired folks felt.

I had the whole floaty head feeling going on once. Waaay back when I was maybe a highschool freshman I got my hair chopped off. Before I went in I had about fifty jillion pounds of thick hair down to my behind. When I came out it was barely to my shoulders and had enough layers to satisfy two Farrah Fawcets. The whole day my head would suddenly tilt forward as though I were drifting off to sleep while sitting up. I looked like a proper Valley girl though, fer shurrr!

You’re a brave woman Alice, I can handle trimming my bangs, but I just know I’d butcher the back of my head.

Well, I cut my long hair short when I left high school…and it looked horrid. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but thank goodness a hairdresser was able to fix it. I’ve never cut or trimmed my hair since.
Alice, if you find your hair doesn’t look so good in the morning, at east you know you can either get it fixed or wear a hat for a couple of weeks.

Have you got the irresistable urge to flip and swish your hair about? I get that when I cut my hair, especially when I take more than two inches off.

I always get the urge to cut my own hair after a couple margaritas. It usually sucks. I need to make an appointment to get my hair trimmed real soon. It’s getting difficult to manage and I don’t want to screw it up again.

I cut my own hair because I hate going to salons. I’m actually not that bad at it, and it cuts down on having to sit there and explain the haircut you saw on some girl on the street. Meanwhile the stylist gets ever more aggrivated.

“I want it short, but not to my chin. Well, barely to my chin. And it’s jagged. Like this. (makes frantic hand motions) Not TOO jagged though, you know what I mean? And some strands have to be longer. Not WAAAAAY longer, but you get the idea. To my shoulders. Remember, like this?” (more hand motions)

Well, it kinda looks like this.

My SO hasn’t seen it yet…

Hopefully he’ll still think I’m cute…

Works for me!

I let the wife cut mine, and due to the arrival of a new set of clippers that she wasn’t familiar with, I got a MUCH shorter haircut than normal. To me, it was like I used to get at a proper “barber” (200yo bald guy that cuts eveything with clippers), so I’m thrilled. She thought I’d be all bent out of shape.

As for women’s hair, I used to be a long hair fan, but since I’ve aged a bit, I go for the shorter “bob” type looks. The Meg cut would be just fine with me.

I just cut mine last night, too. Get this - I do a short “pixie cut” and I can do the back of my own hair, and it looks good. Good enough that women stop and ask me who cut my hair.

The only thing is, the first few days after a haircut, I get chafed ears as they get re-used to the touch of the pillowcase again.

I cut mine once after drinking a bottle of tequila.

Good thing it was back in the early 80’s, and I was in a punk band at the time…

Clay Aiken owes me money…

I’ve hacked my own hair off with quilting scissors before.
I just felt like I needed a change IMMEDIATELY.

I regularly cut my own hair now, but it’s long so infact, it’s more of a trim than a cut.

I cut my own hair just about every 2 or 3 weeks, once a month if I get lazy.

Yep. Once a fornight I take out the trimmer and give myself a No 3 (lately No 2). Takes less than 15 minutes, including hoovering my head afterwards to pick up all the bits, and saves me a fortune in barber bills.

Ok - the SO is here.

His official verdict is:

“It’s not bad, but I like it better when it’s a little longer.”

<snif> I think I’ll go fling myself into traffic…

Anyone try a Flowbee?

“The FLOWBEE Haircutting System allows you to create the most popular hair styles. FLOWBEE can cut your hair from 1/2” to 6" long in recommended 1/4" increments. Simply select the desired spacer depending on how much hair you want to cut. Then attach the spacer to your Flowbee."

I cut mine just cause I feel like doing it myself.


I have thick hair. One day it was just really bugging me, so in a drunken haze I got out the doggie clippers and shaved my entire head.

It was hard to explain that one to the coworkers.

I almost always cut my own hair.

what’s really fun, though, is when you have hair halfway down your back, and you shave your own head. Mmmm!!!

I’ve been shaving my own head (not bald) for a year or two, although shaving it is surely easier than giving yourself a textured haircut. It’s a little annoying, because I have to clean things and shower afterward to get the little hairs off, but I find it satisfying. I do it every week to 10 days, and I may start doing it more often so it’s less work when I do.