A Lexus for xmas?

Does anyone actually give a new car to his/her SO for xmas? As a surprise, I mean. Like in the commercials. A car choice is such a personal thing.

I can’t imagine getting a car as a gift. I mean, it’s such a huge gift, and what if you don’t like it?

A woman I used to work with came home from work on her birthday to find a Fiat Spyder in the driveway with a bow on the hood. Her hubby knew exactly what she wanted. She loved that car.

Not exactly a car, but years ago my wife bought a new car (a Lexus, no less) and her first payment was due right before xmas. Well, my brain farted, and I thought making her first payment of $550 out of my funds would be a nicely appreciated xmas gift for her.

Well la-de-fricken-da… she thought it was quite thoughtless of me and would much rather have received a more sentimental gift, even if it was only worth a fraction of the value. So that backfired on me.

Until January’s car payment came due and she asked if I wanted to make that payment as her birthday present. She got a $100 gift card to her salon instead.

To spend quality time with the mechanic?


I got my husband a Porsche for Christmas one year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those Lexus ads crack me up every year. If someone really did buy one as a gift, do they give you that big red bow to put on top? How do you get it home (the bow, I mean)?

I got my first husband a Jeep one time, as a surprise. I don’t think it was over $500 though. Seems like it was a 50’s era military issue with cat-eye turn signals. IIRC he was happy with the gift. OOps, that wasn’t a new car, sorry.

About two weeks ago, on the way to work, I saw this exact gift idea. Coming into downtown, you take an exit ramp that kind of goes in a 210 degree loop, and in the middle is a big patch of grass. A car was on it, and in the grass was written ‘Happy 31st Birthday!’

I’ve seen a marriage proposal on the same patch of grass before too.

I would backhand bitch-slap my wife if she ever did such a thing. Where is she coming up with $40,000 in free cash? Drug dealing and prostitution rings are frowned upon in my household. If she didn’t really have the money then she would have just put the entire family into debt. I don’t even think that you can return a car and the loss would be thousands of dollars just for the stunt.

My uncle once showed up for my 22nd birthday party with a brand new Lexus.

**His ** brand new Lexus. It was his Christmas gift to himself.

He routinely buys himself cars for birthdays and holidays. This past birthday, it was a red Mustang.

I wouldn’t want a car for Christmas. If I haven’t tried it on, how can I know if it makes my butt look big?

More seriously, it’s insane to think that my significant other would have that much money hidden away. And, because household finances are usually a joint thing (in my experience, more or less), I’d be partly paying for the car myself. Where’s the fun in that?

I gave my wife a car for Christmas once.
She liked it. It was a used car that I paid cash for, and spent a bunch of nights re-habbing to get it in nice condition.

My SIL bought my brother a Harley-Davidson for his birthday.

She had worked it out with the salesman and had 3 or 4 different bikes on ‘hold’, so he had his pick. The one she thought he would like was decked out with balloons and a sign that said happy birthday, so when they walked in the showroom, there was a bike for him (for the photos). I think he went with the one she had picked.

I always thought about starting an internet business selling those giant bows.
Where else do you get them from?

My wife has always wanted to wake up Christmas morning to find her blue Jag convertible in the driveway. The closest she ever got was the scale model XK-8 (yep, blue) I left there, completely buried under 3 inches of snow.

Hmmm. Are you, uh, still married? If not… :wink:

You get them from Flenderson’s Oversized Bows

My wife and I keep gift-giving to a minimum. And, we have an unspoken limit on the amount either of us will spend without involving the other in the decision. Being an unspoken limit, I’m not sure what the number is, exactly. But $40,000 is a tad higher than any number I would think reasonable. “Surprise honey, I spent down Junior’s college fund!” would probably not go over well.

I bought my current car 2 years ago during the Christmas season. Some idiot came in and bought his wife a car…No, let me set the record straight- He bought her a van.

Merry f’ing Christmas.

Anyhoo…He (very loudly) proclaimed that he needed one of “them bows like in the commercials”. They had one in seconds.

It was a Ford dealership of all places.

FTR, I bought a Dodge.

I would get my SO a new Lexus for christmas…but I just hate repeating gifts. :slight_smile: Maybe he’d like something like a new board game for his Monopoly collection.