A line of dialogue in "Fight Club"

Marla says to ‘Jack’, talking about the help groups they attend
" go candystripe a cancer ward…it’s not my problem."

What does this mean, or what is she implying? Thanks.

Candystripers are volunteers at hospitals (don’t think they’re paid)… but they help out in hospitals. So he’s telling her to do that instead of attending his groups.

Thanks Trixie. That’s a word I never heard used before in that context.

More specifically, candystripers are usually younger women (teenagers, often) who volunteer at hospitals, either as public service, or to get an idea of what nursing and/or the medical profession is all about. The name comes from the uniform they used to (an maybe still do) wear: a smock with red pinstripes on a white background that looks like the pattern on a peppermint candycane.

You’re welcome. They were called that because they used to wear striped uniforms. So they looked like those striped mint candies (red and white).

And they made at least one not-bad porno.