A List of fans of Lists

It has been pointed out by some of the regulars at SDMB that I am a fan of lists. I cannot deny that. I have several books of lists and I enjoy making my own lists of all sorts of things.

just to see how nearly alone I am in that, here’s an opportunity for you to add your name to a list of people who like lists. If you’re up to it, add a list of things you like lists of.

Better yet, if you would like to see a thread dealing with lists of things you’re curious about and don’t really want to start such a thread yourself, just mention your topic, and I’ll see what I can do with it.

Help demonstrate that I’m not alone in my appreciations for lists by at least posting to this thread. It’s my guess that there are dozens if not hundreds of us. And if you want to link to a thread or more that you’ve started that deal(s) with list(s) of stuff, please do. Maybe we can build a list of lists!

Count me in. Read The People’s Almanac when it came out and DEVOURED The Book of Lists a few years later.

Last year I kept a list of every book I read. Well, at least until July when I got too busy @ work. But it was well over 120 books.

Pre-internet I was an avid reader of David Wallechinsky’s output. Now I’m a habituate of listverse.com

I love lists and make them for just about everything. If I was in solitary confinement with no pen or paper I would make a mental list of Things To Think About Today.

Good to see some fans reporting in. Just in case you may not have seen these in the bookstore or online, they are great fun: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Book_of_Lists

Mine are somewhere in this house but I don’t have a clue where. Also lost (or misplaced) is the list I made back when all my music was on LPs. I gave it up when I started getting cassettes and then CDs.

I did read the Book of Lists back in the day. I’ll have to check out that website.

those books are interesting. those types of books are on my light reading list, a few pages for bedtime reading.

thought they are often light on sources and you wonder about its truth and quality.