A little bit of new hairstyle and colour...

Well, I did this about a month ago, but I didn’t get a picture of it until recently from a friend. Hopefully you shall all enjoy looking at a goofy picture of me from when I was in San Antonio as a musically competing tourist. http://therabbithole.homestead.com/tasha.html

Tell me what you think. I’m considering adding red-red and purple streaks to it for the summer to disguise the creepy-ass dark brown roots I’ve got now. They didn’t really show up until they were about 2 inches long. Oy.

leave the roots and put some thin, bright red streaks/highlights in it. it’ll look nice.

I just dyed mine purple. go me.

oh, and your sig makes me want to assume fetal position in the nearest dark corner and shudder violently.

I was gonna leave the roots and add the highlights with one of those frosting caps so it comes out sparse and thin. :slight_smile:

You should meet some of my friends if that frightens you. Then you’ll learn truly what to be frightened of. We may be crazy, but we’re also a strange and unpredictable breed…

We’re talking about your hair, right? :confused:

Go for sky blue. I have seen that used many times to pleasant effect. I would personally have my hair died sky blue right now if I had half the courage you youngsters have.

Those frosting caps tend to give results that are too… even. I think highlights look nicer when they’re randomly placed (besides, you only need a few on the top, and maybe along the bottom if you wear it in a ponytail a lot). Definately don’t do blonde, though, stick to red or copper.

No, it’s not that… I uh… know… somebody named Gabe, and I am incredibly frightened of him… having his name with that quote is… yeah. ::shudders::

Arnold -

If she were to dye her hair sky blue, she’d have to bleach it to be nearly white, and since she has red dye in it right now, she wouldn’t be able to get it any lighter than a weird orangey color. Blue over yellow-blonde turns a nasty shade of green when it fades. Not to mention that blue is a hard color to pull off… it makes your skin look weird.

A friend of mine has blonde, practically white hair and huge blue eyes, I’ve been trying to convince her to let me dye it baby blue for months. She won’t let me, she’s incredibly religious and says that she can’t dye her hair or wear makeup because god made her the way she is for a reason. Damn god always getting in the way of me giving people cool hair.

Great colour, ssskuggiii!