A little general knowledge quiz - How well can you do?

A little quiz. How well can you do without Googling?

1: Ballplayer Ted Williams was of __________ and _________ descent on his mother’s side?

2: Who “kilt a bar” in 1760?

3: What was Samuel Clemens response to the polygamist he was arguing with, who claimed there was nothing in the Bible forbidding a man from having more than one wife?

4: “It’s a mute point” – Why does this phrase make English teachers cringe?

5: What’s on the reverse side of the new Georgia quarter?
6: Penn State was inspired to create the Nittany Lion mascot after seeing what other rival schools mascot?
7: What are the only mammals that have a queen, drone and worker type social structure like bees, ants and termites?
8: What bait do you use in “noodling” for giant catfish?
9: What performer has the nickname “The Killer”?
10. What animals use the energy from hydrogen sulfide to synthesize the compounds they need to grow and reproduce? Where are they found?


2: Who “kilt a bar” in 1760? Davy Crockett??

4: “It’s a mute point” – Why does this phrase make English teachers cringe? Should be “moot” point.

9: What performer has the nickname “The Killer”? Jerry Lee Lewis.


  1. a peach

  2. none. You catch them with your hands.

  3. Sea worms. Around volcanic fissures at the bottom of the ocean. ( I’m guessing here.)

2. Daniel Boone
4. Agree with gigi
5. Peach tree
8. None, you grab them
9. per gigi
10. They live by the ocean vents, black smokers. Seems like cyanobacteria, maybe.

  1. Ted Williams mum was Mexican and uh, Basque maybe? I’m sure about the mexican, not so sure about the other.

Davy Crockett died at the Alamo Ca. 1836, so he’s far too young to have “kilt a bar” in 1760.

For number 7 I’d guess prairie dogs, don’t know why (and only for social structure - I’m pretty certain no mammal has a queen that produces all of the offspring for its community).

I believe it’s the naked mole rat. Saw them at the zoo - ugly mo’fo’s!

Damn – beat me by eight minutes.

#3 was something like “Matthew 6:24: No man can serve two masters…”

  1. Was it Daniel Boone what kilt a bar?

  2. Should be “moot”

  3. a peach

#6 Shitt on Pitt Panthers?

1: (guessing) English and German?

2: Davey Crockett

4: ‘Moot’, not ‘mute’

5: (guessing) a peach tree?
7: Naked mole rats
10. Bacteria that live deep within the earth’s crust


The notorious pirate Hans Sprungfeld?

The English?

  1. Lots of people. (according to the song, Davey Crockett kilt him a bar when he was only three)

  2. One is enough for any man to bear?

  3. It should be moot, mute is both a mispronunciation and an incorrect usage?

  4. A pair of peaches?

  5. I believe you bait them with your hand, then as they clamp down you grab 'em.

These are honest; didn’t scroll before answering.

  1. Ted Williams was part Native American, I think: Cherokee? (max half credit)
  2. Daniel Boone
  3. “No man may serve two masters.”
  4. Misuse of the word “moot”.
  5. A peach.
  6. ___ (got nuthin’)
  7. Humans -? I mean…
  8. ___ (got nuthin’)
  9. ___ (got nuthin’)
  10. Bacteria - hot ocean vents.
  1. English and Native American
  2. Daniel Boone
  3. He asked if he could roshambo him for his second wife.
  4. Should be moot
  5. A design
  6. Princeton Tigers
  7. The platapus
  8. Mice
  9. “Killer” Kowalski
  10. energy from hydrogen sulfide to synthesize the compounds needed to grow and reproduce fish.

Well done! First correct answers