A little girl disappears in Detroit...

There’s a story in the news for the past two weeks here in Detroit about a man who says he was carjacked with his 2-year-old daughter in the car. His car was found shortly after he went to the police, but the little girl is no where to be found. There has been a huge volunteer search effort for her, which recently came to a close. Shortly after police started asking questions of family members, the dad lawyered up, but has always maintained his story, despite failing a polygraph. A warrant was just issued for someone involved, but the prosecutor won’t give any info on who it might be.

When the father first became a suspect, my initial reaction was: “Phew, at least maybe this wasn’t a horribly random crime which was beyond the father’s control.” But I also feel guilty for thinking that, since there is the distinct possibility that this girl’s final memory might be of her own father killing her.

So here’s my question for you all: Chances are something very bad has happened to this little girl, for whom my heart breaks, but which do you find to be worse: A random car-jacking in which the little girl is kidnapped and killed, or a situation where the father is involved in a very bad way?

I knew this wouldn’t end well when the father was named a suspect very early on.

Which is worse? I’m sure to the girl it doesn’t make any difference. The best case scenario for the rest of the family is if the father is trying to cover up an accident, which is still pretty horrible.

From my perspective, it would be worse if the father wasn’t involved as it would mean that there’s still somebody out there who was responsible for this, and that that somebody could just as easily commit the same crime with another victim any time as there would be no specific connection (that anyone knows of, at least) between him and the original crime’s victim.

From the family’s perspective, it would be worse for the father to be involved, as it means that the man that they trusted and that they thought they knew was secretly capable of some horrible crime against his own daughter.

From the girl’s perspective, I honestly can’t imagine. It’s difficult to put yourself in the place of a child that young as the overall though process must be quite different from an adult’s. If pressed, I’d go with your answer, that it’s worse for the father to be the guilty party, as it very probably means having her faith in a man she trusted shattered, in addition to whatever else happened to her.

I don’t know which is worse – both scenarios are pretty horrific.

I’m actually hoping that a carjacker was involved, because there’s a chance that he has a heart and left the kid on someone’s doorstep. But I have a feeling that the father did it. That’s how it’s played out in so many similar scenarios before.

My thoughts exactly. If the father is involved, I would guess the child is already dead. IF it was a random act, hopefully someone, somewhere is trying to figure out what to do with this child they ended up with. Maybe the child still has a chance if that is what happened.

A random jacking is worse because that could be me. If the situation is family oriented, I feel safer as I can avoid family idiots.

A cadaver dog hit on the father’s car and it appears the house as well. If the child died at home I bet the mother is also involved. And another child says Bianca was in the car when they were on the way to school, so unbelievably that kid would be a witness. In a situation like this, what the police want is a confession because they can’t tell what happened. If the perpetrator stays calm and lets the body rot, there is less evidence to support a specific charge of murder #1. Hence the delay in releasing the name on the warrant that was issued. They want to make Lane sweat bullets so bad he makes a punk move or confesses. Anybody who has been interrogated by the police as I have knows how they try to wear you down and pretend to have all the answers when in fact they need the answers from you.


Yeah, I agree with this the most, I think. From my own, selfish perspective I’d sooner it be the father involved than a random creep. That random creep could get me, too. The father would probably have a narrower focus and keep it within the family, so to speak.

That being said, I can’t imagine how shitty it must be to be hurt or killed by your own father.

That’s why I started this thread to get opinions on this. Cuz I feel the same way, but I felt guilty to feel a sense of relief that the father might be involved in her disappearance/death.

Oddly enough, it’s the same thing I feel when someone dies suddenly and unexpectedly-- take infomercial celebrity Billy Mays, for instance. When it was first announced that he died, it seemed like a totally random thing. Freaked me out because random deaths could also happen to me. Then they say there was coke in his system. Well okay then; I don’t do coke, so now his sudden death isn’t so scary. Likewise, I will not kill my daughter, so I don’t have worry about her suddenly disappearing as a result of that.

I think it’s human nature, as horrible as it sounds. If it happened to someone else, sure it’s horrible, but at least it was someone else. If it could happen to you, it’s personally terrifying. The more you can distance yourself from a story and convince yourself the same thing couldn’t happen to you, the more acceptable it becomes.