A little help please?

My lill’ sister is doing a project on Plains, Plateus and Mountains. I’ve been searching for a webpage that could provide detailed descriptions of such places but I haven’t found any. She’s pretty desperate here… so I decided I’d write up a little post here on the SDMB to see if I’d get any hits. If anyone out there reading this happens to know of the top of your head a good, comprehensive website on plains etc. could you please post it? I don’t expect anyone out there to do an extensive search for this… so it’s likely i might not even get one reply :(.

Couldn’t be easier Arthur, poke geology into your favorite search engine and look out!

She might try the US geological survey site.

I don’t know how much help it will be, but it may have something.

In retrospect, geology is too broad a term, try physical geology or geomorphism.

Another keyword you might use is topography.

If its a fairly basic report, which it sounds like it is, you might be best served to do it the old fashioned way (I can’t believe I am assuming this person may have overlooked this) and crack open an encyclopedia. The internet, while wonderful, is usually more trouble than its worth when it comes to doing research on general topics. In that vein you may want to visit Mircosoft’s Encarta website and search for your topics.




I used “landforms” as a search criteria on Google. Have fun!


http://www.onelook.com is great it has a zillion free online dictionaries.

woah, yeah thanks everyone. we went through and searched a few of the sites listed and found more than enough info. i think we were making our searches too broad before, because we ended up with a who lotta nonesence.

so thanks for all your help.