A little help with a question, please?

I know the rules about “no board wars”, but…

If I wanted to link to a message board that’s all about a very popular author on the Dope, that I know many people like… And I’m pretty sure that people *would *like to join the board but maybe some don’t know about it, would that be OK? I’d be glad to e-mail someone with the linky if they like but the board is cleaner than this place…I just didn’t know the rules about linking to any other boards.


People link to threads on other boards all the time. Every day in fact. The point is not to link for the purpose of being negative. Such as “see what these losers over here are doing”, “WTF makes these people over on this place so stupid”, or worst of all, “hey, let’s all go over and get accounts and troll!” Or of course linking to places like “hey, come read this poetry someone wrote on the NAMBLA board…”

I’m not saying it’s an official rule or not because I’m not in an admin role, but based on history, people have done positive linking all the time, and never has positive linking been a problem.

Oh, I hadn’t noticed or was daydreaming when I saw it. Which is quite possible. All right! I’ll post a linky tomorrow.


Although not a Moderator, Una has said it very well.

So, you’re saying that you believe in power of positive linking?

:eek: :smiley: :cool:
Thank you folks, I’ll be here all week!

Really? :frowning: Is there not something else you could be doing?

Probably, but it sure as heck wouldn’t be as much fun! :slight_smile: !