A little help with French

Anyone speak French? I need a French phrase for “Plastered in Paris”, as opposed to “Plaster of Paris.” Don’t ask, it would be a very long story to no point.

Paqueté en Paris

(paquete means ‘packaged’, technically, but is idiomatically ‘drunk’, which I assume is the meaning of plastered you’re going for)

Thank you Diomedes. Your assumption of the meaning I was looking for was entirely correct.

Sorry to rain on the parade, but “paquete en Paris” (sorry about the accents, but I don’t know how to put them on this computer) is not France French. It is Quebec French (and it should be "paquete a Paris, with an accent grave on the a).

“Bourré a Paris” is likely recognizable in either France or Quebec and has esentially the same literal and slang leanings.

Sorry, I learned most of my French from watching Canadian TV coming across Lake Ontario. They use French other places? I gots no excuse for putting en instead of a, other than posting at butt-clock in the mornin’. :cool:

RickJay’s answer seems to be correct (but I would like to have it confirmed by clairobscur to be sure). Diomedes, don’t worry about it, it would be a perfectly understandable sentence if you substituted Montreal for Paris :slight_smile:

Bourré à Paris is the correct translation. Bourré is the current slang for “drunk”. Never heard of “paqueté”.

“Bourré” for “drunk” would be correct slang for France and understood by most people in Québec, but you will very seldom hear it in Québec. “Paqueté” is typical Québécois French language, and would not be understood by most in France.

“Saoul” (pronounced “soo”, mute a and l) would be understood on both sides of the Atlantic, though it is not very slang-ish.

Wow! I never expected this kind of response. To Diomedes, being ex military I have heard “Zero-dark hundred” many a time. I never heard of “Butt o’clock in the morning” before. Had me LMAO. One more request from you learned souls. How do I pronounce “Bourré à Paris”? Is it like "Boo-ray ah Paree?


Good pronunciation. Now, seenidog, vous avez piqué ma curiosité. What really happened in Paris?

Too bad the OP didn’t go to South Korea :stuck_out_tongue: