A little holiday mitzvah

A whole bunch of my imaginary friends here have already done so much to help my family in these past months, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you to everyone.

That said, I have one more favor to ask, if you happen to have a minute and a spare stamp left over from your holiday mail. The Fellow is in a serious funk. Three years since the wreck, and he is still on the disabled list. His social life is extremely limited - he can’t sit up for an hour or two to have friends over for dinner, he can’t work, he can’t even sit at the desk long enough to log into TeamSpeak and geek out with his own imaginary gaming friends. So I’m thinking some nice, old-fashioned correspondence might lift his spirits. The moderators approved this ahead of this post. If you would consider dropping a line to an injured deputy, PM me for the mailing address. And thank you.

bumpity, bumpity, bump!

My card goes out tomorrow!