A little Verhoeven love in my new favorite movie blog

I’ve frequently compared Paul Verhoeven to Douglas Sirk, for their common tendency to disguise an unpalatable subtext with a cliche-Hollywood spoonful of sugar to get the medicine down the unwilling throats of many unsuspecting–and, to be fair, frequently apathetic–audiences. And while this usually sparks a debate in these parts, which of course is what’s great about CS, it’s nice to occasionally find a similar view expressed by someone with way more credibility than me.

From one of my favorite movie bloggers, a critic first brought to my attention by Roger Ebert:

Obviously YMMV, but I remain firm in my belief that in 20 years Verhoeven’s gonna be a fixed part of the canon, along with Sirk, Hitchchock, Kurosawa, and other members of that pantheon.

I agree.