A maize of options

Who knew there were so many varieties?

I apologize if this is too corny.

Well I’m certainly lending you my ear.

As much as it goes against my grain to add to this silliness…

There’s a kernel of truth in what you’re saying.

Aw, shucks.

Are you a cereal killer?

mumble mumble planted in rows mumble mumble

That list made my eyes pop. Corn?

“That’s a hull lotta corn,” Tom husked.

I like this thread. I’ll be stalking it later.

Can you twheat me the results?

Suffrin’ succotash, we got creamed!

Sure, if the cobs don’t nab me first.

Twheating’s too much tassel, Cicero.

To what do we owe this interesting nugget of a thread?

I think you spelt that wrong.

I hab allergees.

The silky smooth attempts at humour in this thread have me grinning from ear to ear.

I can barley raise a grin.

That’s what Orville Redenbacher looked at instead of porn.