A Mille Bourne (Milestones/1000 Miles) Deck w/ 1970s Cards?

I have been wanting to give this fun car-themed card game to a friend for a gift. I’ve tried looking around the internet. I have found some sets from Winning Moves but none with old cool Parker Brothers art. (I have also seen some with the original 1962 art. I don’t think that’s what I’m looking for.)

So, anyone have a source? Am I doomed to uncool glitzy modern cards?

There’s a collectors edition available lots of places that has the original 1962 art. Here it is at Amazon.

Hint: your Google search will probably work better if you spell it “Mille Bornes.”

And I shall conclude this post by saying Coup Fourré, motherfucker! (Just 'cause the best part of playing MB is saying “Coup Fourré, motherfucker!”

If Mille Bournes by way of Car Wars sounds cool, check out RoadKill.

I love Mille Bornes. My husband isn’t into card/board games so I never get to play it anymore. I haven’t played it for 15 years. However, if such a time comes that I can play it again, how do you prounounce “Coup Fourré” anyway. I think I have the motherfucker part down cold.

For that matter, how do you pronouce Mille Bornes? I’ve never heard it pronounced. I say Mill Borns, which is probably way wrong. French is much prettier.

I always pronounced them “koo forAY” and “meal born” but then I’m not a native French speaker.

Heh. Having pulled out my vintage set (rules book is dated 8-63), it claims that Mille Bornes is pronounced “Meel Born”, and Coup Fourré is “Coo-Foo-Ray” which is explained as a French fencing term for counterthrust where one fencer parries his opponent’s thrust and counter attacks in the same maneuver.

As far as adding motherfucker, that gives me a mental picture of Marsellus, Vincent, Jules, and Butch sitting in a smoky bar playing Mille Bornes, and when Butch plays a flat tire card on Jules, he smiles and says, Coup Fourré, Motherfucker. :smiley:

Ha! Then Vincent, who’s already had a run-in with Butch (“I’m not your friend”) “accidentally” shoots Butch with his carelessly dangling gun.

Now, that’s not the dynamic I get between those two. They never even met in the movie, but I think if they did, they’d be cool with each other. Jules only really laid into people like that when they did something to seriously piss him off, and I don’t think Butch would push his buttons that way.

Jules didn’t say it in an angry manner at all. He smiled broadly as he played the Puncture Proof card, letting Butch know he was ready for whatever came down the pike.

I loved this game as a kid!

I ahve no recollection on how to play it… :frowning:

It’s one of the few games that is easy enough for an 8 year old to understand, but fun for everyone.

You lay down “milestone” cards and the first to get to 1000 wins. Along the way you block other players with hazards (out of gas, flat tire, etc) and protect yourself with remedies (gas station, tire repair, etc.) If you are teh awesome you get a bonus for a “coup fourre” – laying down a Satey (Gas tanker, Puncture-proof tires, etc) right when someone hits you with a hazard. Then you lauuuugh.

Ahem. I was saying… There’s an element of luck and an element of skill.

So, you think the 1962 edition is the one I want? I remember very basic, stylized art from my Parker Brothers deck in the early 80s.

Ditto. I thought it was really cool that it was in French. Of course, that’s before France betrayed our great nation by trying to prevent our wildly successful liberation of the Iraqi people. BTW, is the ban on Frecnh Fries still in effect, cause I’ve really got the munchies right now. :cool:

Assuming you can find a game to buy, and rules aren’t available online, one of us who has a complete set can scan the rulebook and send that to you as a .pdf

I loved playing Mille Bornes. I have no idea, though, why there was a Mille Bornes deck in my Spanish classroom. We never played by the actual rules. We didn’t worry about scoring points and such; whoever made it to the finish line won.

There used to be an online version available at games.com, but when they reorganized the site a while back, they took some of the games offline. They claim they’re all coming back, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. Their speed over there is very poor.