A mini web hunt, to take up some time.

My easy (Maybe) SDMB web hunt!
No commercialized sites are listed, there is no more then ONE website per hint. Each site has another hint. It can be hidden in the HTML tags, or visible on the site, it can be hidden in main stream forums, but the clue’s should be easy enough for a dedicated hunter.

But first you have to decipher the hints.
(Hint1)This site used to give you prime real estate such as Southbeach,to host your website on for free. You can easily decipher the rest, it’s a countdown folks, game is on!
htXtp://Hint1/8 23 14 25 4 22 25 19 6 13 7

Normally you count the 26 forward

I will release bits of information every few hours, if it looks like people are getting stuck.

ok i am stuck on the wffyr clue page. I need more help!

amazed i made it that far :slight_smile:

Wow someone did play :slight_smile: You made it pretty far, sorry to say loads farther to go.
Since there are no spoiler tags… I will have to think of something give me a few and I will post.
You can see this duo on a show, they have a mission this you should know, they will use Buster and break him apart, or set him afire, drop him below. All in the name of busting some fairy tales, if this isn’t enough help, I am sorry you failed.

haha i sat here and waited for 4 hours before I got the message :slight_smile:

Thanks! Off to hunt.

Ouch, my hint was deleted from the place where the hint was placed. That was so wrong. If you found the place after wffyr, the next one is deleted. I will be working hard to replace it. But that may mean going back to wffyr and change directions to get it back on course.

I needed to change it around some, ignore the hint in post 3, and go back to wffyr new hint. As the hint after the discovery hint was deleted I needed to change some stuff. :frowning:

Well it took me some time, but I’ve had enough. That was some fun and, er, interesting stuff. Since there’s no spoilers I’ll be hiding the word…

The answer, of course, is Henry Ford.

Wow, I am very impressed :slight_smile: I apologize about the deleted hint, it really ruined a good 5 hints/websites so depressing I had to jump through to the end. But it was fun to make!