A Minister For Respect?

One of our State Governments has a “Minister for Respect”. I have never heard of such a position, although I am aware Victorians are a bit loopy.

Can someone enlighten me as to what this Minister actually does?

(Story I was reading here).

Anti-Discrimination Minister? Equality Minister? Sounds like it would be something like that.

Looks like an interesting state - they also have ministers for racing and gaming. Also a minister for climate change (my emphasis) which looks just a bit evil to me.

I expect Kambuckta or someone to wander in and tell me that the position is essential. :slight_smile:

Reminds me of a friend telling me that he once walked past a convention centre hosting the Canadian Pain Society, and from the look of the people outside he couldn’t tell if they were for or against.

I used to know a Richard Face, who was the New South Wales Minister for Gaming and Racing. And there’s a NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming & Racing, which makes sense when you realise how much of the state’s revenue comes from taxes on booze and gambling.

Nametag is on the money.

Melbourne is a curious beast of a place with an insufferably superior “That sort of behaviour doesn’t happen HERE” attitude, despite ample evidence that the usual spectrum of police shootings, corruption, incompetence, organised crime, disorganised polititions and general anti-social activities occur every bit as often there as anywhere else.

Something that is likely to be a bit more effective in resolving the tensions of this particular hotspot i.e. within the Indian community over a series of attacks on (if not aimed at) Indian students, taxi drivers etc are grassroots campaign like Vindaloo Against Violence

What’s unusual about having a minister in charge of horse/greyhound racing and gambling? All Australian States have those portfolios, as I understand it. :confused: