A Modest Proposal

Equality is a good thing if everyone’s equal, but we all know that the world doesn’t work that way.

Paying to post is going to happen, but what we need is a fee structure to reflect this inequality. Should Eve and Slip pay the same fee for posting? There’s an inequality right there. One is bright, articulate, witty and a joy to read.

Okay, so is Eve. Bad example.

Anyway, let’s make a list. The following are examples and you’re free to add, subtract, disagree, hijack, ignore or start a flame war:

Fenris: Free. Unlimited.
Hiyruu: $10 per post. Surcharge for any mention of faster than light and the golden spiral.
Polycarp: Free. Unlimited.
Feynn: $20 per year. Confined to hockey topics only. Free if he loses the Habs.
jarbabyj: $1 per year, unlimited, to be refunded if “twatclamp” and “crumpetnipple” are used in any post.
Ginger: Free. Unlimited. (She’s a Canadian redhead. That’s got to be worth something right there.)
Bossk: $250 per year. One post per month. Ten word limit.
SPOOFE: Free. Unlimited. Exception: Defending Microsoft.

Hell, I just realized I’ve got a ton of names here. Let’s leave something for the five or six posters who may be moved to respond to this silliness, Slip.

It’s all yours, guys.

I could swing that.

By the way, is posting to alt.fan.cecil-adams really so horrifyingly unthinkable for the have-nots?

Though as a second option, we can always bring in Bud Selig for a nominal fee. I’m sure he would find an amicable solution to the parity problem for everyone.

Okay, who are you and what have you done with our Bossk?

That was funny.

Ok, I gotta say it.


What the fuck is this “have-nots” shit? Just because someone dooesn’t have the cash for a messageboard doesn’t make them a have-not.

And what about the other 75% of people who won’t be paying…the “Want-nots”…I fall into that category. I “want-not” to pay for a fucking messageboard and I stand by my decision.

So get off your high-horse and realize that just because someone has different priorities in life other than spending money on the SDMB, doesn’t make them a have-not. Get over yourselves.


This is really dumb and lends itself heavily to the “SDMB is a fucking clique” argument.

Slip with all due respect, fuck this shit! There’s enough divisiveness over this issue without running a popularity contest.

I only did it because I knew it would lend itself heavily to pissing you off, leander.

Either some people will have some fun with this thread, or it will simply sink like a stone.

One thing it won’t do is have any effect on anyone’s opinion on the pay to post situation.

Slip Cocksucker is that YOU!? :smiley:

Key riced!

Now they’re coming after me on their third post.

Thanks for the greets, SexyPilot.

Go fly a kite.

Esprix: $3.

(think about it.)

Would that be the official SDMB gay discount? :slight_smile:

So, how much should I be charged? He asks innocently.

I highly resent the obviously unfounded notion that I contribute anything worthwhile to the Board, and as such demand that I am charged a huge sum.

Likewise, SPOOFE.
I think Slip just wants to see a nekkid snob in her natual habitat.


Seconded. :smiley:

You will be charged one (1) football bat. :slight_smile:

And here, I thought this would be a suggestion that the unfunded members simply be eaten by the underfunded members.

Ogre: Free if he can come through on that whole “Sledgehammer the commandments” bit. Otherwise, free because he’s had to suffer Alabama for so many years.

matt_mcl: 69 cents (so really about four dollars American).

::runnin’ away. HOo boy::

Err, 4 dollars Canadian.

Thanks to Captain Amazing for pointing out my error, though I’m sure matt would love that kind of exchange rate:-)