A Moment of Silence for Harold

Harold has passed from this mortal coil. We knew it was coming. Harold usually liked nothing better than a tasty meal, but he had lost all interest in food the last few days. And he’d lost his lustre… he used to shine.

Harold wasn’t the easiest in the world to get along with. in fact, you might say he was actually pretty crabby. But that was his nature and part of his charm. He liked to pick fights, but he never really hurt anyone.

He lived longer than I ever hoped. 18 months!

Yes, Harold the Betta fish has gone. We flushed him down the toilet and back to the sea. But his spirit has gone to the fish heaven where the worms are fresh and squishy, not dried, and he has plenty of other Betta to rumble with.

Good bye, Harold. We’ll miss you…



I had a beta fish that lived for almost two years. I named it Amy. It died during winter break at my school, because I couldn’t take it on a plane, so I asked a friend of mine who lived in town to take care of it for me. Of course, this is Minnesota in December, and the cold was too much for Amy. She died.
You have my empathy, Stoid.

You have to expect this. Beta versions are never very stable.

Excellent, Finagle! That gets 8.5.


And Amy, I was under the impression ( I could definitely be mistaken) that only the males of the species were attractive enough to keep as pets. If I’m not on drugs, I seem to recall that at my local petstore, I only had males to choose from.

I have to go out and get another one. I miss having a hostile fish on the mantle trying to kick it’s own ass in the mirror…