A most bizarre murder

This happened to a colleague, and though I didn’t know her, several of my coworkers did. In half an hour there’s going to be a memorial service for her.

A man shot his wife, called the police, then shot himself. That’s sad enough, but unfortunately, these things happen sometimes.

What makes it weird and creepy is that he listed both of their birth and death dates on his website, apparently before he even killed his wife. That’s just freaky.


That’s not creepy, that’s premeditated.

So sad that no one noticed the changes to his website until it was too late. :frowning:


She has my same birthday! :eek:

Now that’s creepy.

Would you have thought it meant something and called the police? I wouldn’t have.

The murder suicide that is the saddest I’ve heard in the last few years, was at John Muir Park. Daddy took his baby there for New Years and killed them both with a gun.

Well, yeah, if I knew one of these two people and happened to visit the site. I certainly would have contacted someone to learn about their demise. Major red flag if I learned they hadn’t passed away.

I took it it mean as a stranger just seeing the site and with no personal knowledge of them before the visit.

Well, of course you can’t do anything in that case. You can’t do anything if you don’t have knowledge of the situation. I took what Mahna Mahna said to mean friends/co-workers/people in the know who were visiting the site.

If they were total strangers or passing acquaintances, probably not. However, if they were close acquaintances or friends, I’d probably have picked up the phone and contacted someone to see if I could get more information.

So I guess I should have reworded it to mean “too bad no one who knew them well noticed the changes to the website”. It would be kind of silly to expect total strangers to understand the relevance.

I was just thinking about the Zantop murders as being the worst thing I know of locally. The killings themselves and then the idea that someone popping in for dinner found them–unlocked doors and helping folks who come by is part of living here and this was such a shock. And crazy senseless.


She has my same birthday!
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Mine Too! (really)

Daddy had a multiple personality disorder?