A Moto GP thread

I’m not the world’s biggest fan, but I can name a bunch of riders in all 3 classes and watch most all the races. But this season has been simply awesome! Some of the best racing I’ve ever seen. This new crop of riders, especially in Moto 2 are some of the most fearless riders I’ve ever seen! The premier class has a lot of guys that have been around awhile, but Marquez has really shaken things up.

The approach to the corners, the “backing it in”, the lean angles they achieve- astounding!

For us old folk, watching Ago with his legs tucked it tight seemed like the way to race a motorcycle, then the “knee dragging” era began and it was like a whole new sport. These guys today have to keep their knees tucked* because they are dragging their elbows!* It really seems to have changed over the last few seasons. Or I haven’t been paying attention.

Anybody else watching this season and finding it pretty damn good? 5 rounds to go and Marquez has a 34 point lead. Not bad for his rookie season, I’d say.

I’ve been watching and it’s been a fantastic season. I’m bummed though that I followed MotoGP on Facebook and they’ve managed to spoil the last two races for me. I gotta unfollow them ASAP.

Does it come on Fox Sports One? Since they killed Speed, it’s hard to keep up with all the series like I used to.

Huh. That’s a good question. I have Dish and have a timer to record “All New” on 150 (what used to be Speed) and now that I think about it, haven’t seen a race in a while since this weekend. I’ll bet I missed a few here and there over the last few weeks. (Remember: Not the world’s biggest fan, but I should be. More focused on F1)

Looks like I gotta go down the street to my Mom’s place that has Three Zillion channels (and pays half what I do!) and search out all the channels that Moto comes on.

I really liked when Speed had it all. F1, predictably and Moto GP consistently. Maybe it was too good to be true when we got WRC as well.

You never know what you got till its gone.

I’m a big fan of Moto GP, but the US coverage of it has been generally terrible. I usually watch it on Eurosport via streaming video. Been a Rossi fan for years, but I love what Marquez is bringing to the sport!

I agree w/ this year’s MotoGP being exciting. MM with his elbow on the ground and his magnesium sliders, ha! Tire technology has come a long way since Giacomo’s day.

I got hooked this season when JL busted his collarbone while qualifying at Assen, flew home for emergency surgery, and came back to race the next day and finished 6th (with some starting help from the officials that I may or may not agree with). Not only that, but the old man, VR, won one that day in the Netherlands!!

Then, the next weekend at the ultra-challenging Sachsenring, JL busts his collarbone again, and so does the midget, DP. Both front-runners sidelined for this round, giving that MM boy a chance to shine. And he’s kept-on shining. I’ve not finished watching the race at San Marino, so I don’t know where the racers, injuries, and points stand right now, but I’m really glad to have VR back at the front (oh, and I miss Simoncelli).

The first couple of MotoGP races on Fox Sports 1 were labeled only as “Motorcycle Racing”. This past weekend’s round was labeled “MotoGP Racing”. I set up a Series Recording based on that in the hopes that they continue to use that naming convention instead of the generic Motorcycle Racing label going forward.

It’s still the same production on FS1 vs. Speed with Greg Creamer awkwardly inserting himself into the Euro commentators going into and out of commercials, but without the extra 15 minutes of pre-race stuff Speed started doing this season.

Marquez is a BEAST. I almost feel sorry for Dani Pedrosa. Almost.

I try to follow the AMA series when I can. My oldest friend from when we were 3, raced the AMA circut almost 15 years ago. He makes his living by tuning bikes, mostly Ducati’s, and builds the occasional race bike.

Even he’s blown away by some of the tech out there and duel compound tire advances. Glorious to watch.

I don’t miss the travel, but do I ever miss the excitement of the hot pits and the smells. The viceral smell of half burned race fuel… Dammit, how much is air fare to Leguna Seca?

Love MotoGP! I get a big kick out of NASCAR. If it is raining, NASCAR is cancelled. But on two wheels, MotoGP races in the rain. Incredible! MotoGP racers have testicles!

Follow MotoGP almost as I do F1. Been watching both for over 30 years.

That said, I haven’t seen someone so dominant in their rookie year as Marc Marquez – if he can stay away from crippling injuries, there goes D’Agostini’s & Rossi’s legend.

There is a new sheriff in town. To stay. Only Lorenzo has a say…

Yeah, awkwardly is the perfect word. And I’m with you about Pedrosa. I still haven’t quite forgiven him for taking out Hayden a few years ago.