Anyone watching MotoGP?

I used to watch a ton in the 125/250/500cc era before I moved from the UK to the US - big Mick Doohan fan. I missed most of the Rossi years, but I started watching again in 2021ish and I’ve been catching up on the races I missed via YouTube. Unfortunately, that means I missed Marc Marquez in his prime which sucks because he’s my favorite rider. (There is some hypocrisy here since I dislike Max Verstappen for some of the same reasons that I love Marquez.)

Anyway, I picked a fantastic time to get back in. I missed 2020, which was the last season where more than two manufacturers had a real shot at titles, but the field seems to be catching up with Ducati slightly. Bagnaia is a weak champion to me, and I think he was a bit lucky to win the last two titles (I think Quartararo is clearly the more talented rider, and was dragging Yamaha to relevance in 2021-2022 in much the same way Marquez did for Honda in 2018-2019).

But there are reasons to watch all over the grid - Marquez’ redemption arc is a fantastic story whether you like him or not, and the Martin/Marquez Ducati selection battle makes for great headlines. Pedro Acosta is the most exciting rider since… well, Marquez, and the Jorge Martin revenge tour is going to be great television. Quartararo, Brad Binder and Acosta all seem capable of championships given good enough bikes. DiGi is clearly “best of the rest” after Marquez out of the 2023 Ducati riders, and is only going to get better. This year’s rider signing season has been fascinating even outside of the Marquez/Martin choice, and even Pramac’s switch to Yamaha bikes is interesting.

That said, I do not care for the current aerodynamic aids, as the ability to battle closely has always been bike racing’s trump card compared to F1 and other car races. It’s also depressing to have Honda and Yamaha at the back of the field, and I don’t see that changing significantly before the regulations change for 2027.

I’m also not a fan of Max being the only streaming option in the U.S. Their search function is awful and you have to manually skip through hours of practice and Moto2/Moto3 sessions to get to MotoGP qualifying and races. (TNT’s commentary and analysis teams are fine.)

I used to watch for years, but haven’t in a while. Not even sure if it’s broadcast anywhere on Dish. Not a fan of watching stuff on my laptop. I don’t know any of the riders anymore. If I stumbled across a race, I’d watch. I really miss the Schwantz/Rainey battles. They were pretty epic.

That is unfortunate. That was some Magic Stuff.

I’m a big MotoGP fan and have been a Marc Marquez fanboy since his Moto2 season. Before that I was probably more likely to watch WSBK when that series seemed to have the stronger grids.

The key to streaming is just to pay for the MotoGP videopass. Only way to go IMO.

I’ve always meant to start a catch all motorcycle racing thread (MotoGP, WSBK, MotoAmerica) but I always forget. Plus, being a Honda guy, it’s been hard to get into the superbike stuff since about 2010. I miss the epic battles from the late 90s and early naughts between Honda v Ducati (WSBK) and Honda v Suzuki (AMA). We had a track in my backyard (Willow Springs) and short rides to Leguna Seca and Fontana. I really like the Moto2 and Moto3 classes - much tighter racing.

Not sure what you mean by Max issues. I have clearly marked Practice Sessions, Quals and the races themselves as seperate entities I can choose to record.

Yeah, but they’re not just the sessions they say they are. MGP free practice 2 will include an hour of moto3 practice and so on.

Ah, got it. I typically don’t watch the practices or quals, just the races

I just want to add how much I loved turn of the century SpeedVision. They showed all the races (MotoGP, WSBK, AMA) and the ones they showed on tape delay they edited down to just the race so they could add in commercial breaks without missing the actual race (typical race is about 40 minutes). They showed a lot of races live in the middle of the night, but DVRs were ubiquitous by then so TiVo picked up everything (sometimes my current Season Pass misses things if it is on another channel or has a slightly different name). I remember watching the Malaysian GP Sunday morning - the one where Simoncelli has his unfortunate accident. The broadcast exceeded the recording so I had to Google what happened. I remember thinking “He must be OK, or they wouldn’t show the race”…I had forgotten they were showing it live :frowning:

Awww, SpeedVision. That era centered on 2000 was truly great. I loved watching AMA Superbike back then and was glad to be there for the start of Nicky Hayden’s career. Dave Despain was great as a commentator and host.

I was at Laguna Seca for one of the last rounds of WSBK there, a year where Carl Fogarty was there as a guest of Ducati. That was a fun flashback to that a just slightly earliear SpeedVision era of motorcycle racing. I paid the extra money to get to park my bike on Ducati Island, and part of that came with access to a hospitality tent. Carl hung out there for the better part of the day, shooting the shit with everyone. He kept busy signing bike parts and other memorabilia and eventually someone wheeled in a beautiful 916 for him to sign.