A new black belt o' doom

This weekends annual black belt test was fun. Not the best test ever (boy do I have stories from some of the tests!), but still alot of fun.

The 1st kyu who was testing did indeed pass after surviving two days of suffering. I bet he’ll never say that 13 free sparring matches in a row will be easy again. I also bet he is not looking forward to the 22 candlelight matches for 2nd dan!

I had a few pleasant surprises. Most everybody made it through the 1st day pretty well. This is unusual. It is much more common for several people to “drop out” during the exercise portion. Only the high kyus and dans showed up for day 2.

Funniest moment:

While doing kata the testee was at his fifth kata. At the start and end you have to say what kata you are doing. At the start he had said he was going to doing Pinan #4, but he went and did Pinan #5. So at the end he says “The NEW Pinan Sono Chi which looks alot like Pinan Sono Go”.

Okay, maybe roll on the floor funny, but after a couple of hours of working out it was pretty good.

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Black belts beware!! I started taking Tae Kwon Do classes this weekend! MUAAHAHAHAHA! This will make it easier to take over the world, you know…

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Hey, Glitch, you ought to tell us some of those stories. I for one am interested. :slight_smile:

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