A new erepublik style game up

A new game that is basically a clone of an older more complex version of erepublik is up. It is currently on day 2. Any Dopers interested in banding together to dominate a country?

If you join via my referrer link and get to level ten I get 2 gold, so if you want to check it out and join forces with a fellow doper, go in via http://ice-apple.com/game/index.php/en/register/3551

Just want to add in last 24 hours we’d had four join, so it looks like we might be able to get something going. No promises, though, the game is only on 3rd day. But what the heck, it’s a real ground floor opportunity.

Up to nine folks, looks really promising. Main thing now is find an easy and convenient way to communicate in order to make plans.

What country did you start off in? Does it matter this early in?

I’m in USA, name TheMonkeyMan. So far a variety of countries for everyone, but there are 3 total in Russia and 3 total in Cuba, 2 USA, 2 Greece, 1 Ukraine and 1 Brazil.

I was thinking lots of international coverage might help for profitable trading, so if we go the corporate route that could be a plus. The game does give two move tickets to start with, not sure how they are used though.

Fourteen people now. Friend me (TheMonkeyMan) to make it easier to communicate.