A New Face on Mars!

Somebody call Richard Hoagland. I was digging through some NASA images of Mars, and I discovered this image.

Scroll down to the bottom right hand quarter of the picture, and look carefully. The face is unmistakable.

Since this is great debates, let me form this as a question:

Is this the likeness of Deputy Dawg, or what?

Something tells me this thread’ll get moved quickly…
I saw a footprint in the mountain more than a face and you know what a big footprint means…

Oh my God. Bigfoot killed Deputy Dawg.

I thought of putting this somewhere else, but hell, this face on mars crap comes up enough here in GD, and I thought some of the regulars could use a little levity, while at the same time showing how stupid these ‘face on mars’ proponents are.

I don’t think anyone who knows me would take this seriously.

I think it just looks like an ordinary, run-of-the-mill, non-deputized dawg.

BTW, do you have a link to a picture that isn’t quite so huge? My modem doesn’t exactly provide the highest-speed Internet connection in existence, and after the picture is downloaded IE 6.0 just shrinks it to fit within the browser’s boundaries anyway.

Sure. It was the Astronomy Picture of the Day a while ago.

The pic’s startling resemblance to an Afghan hound has caused me to rethink my entire weltanschaung. Yes, the Truth has Dawned, and I am leaving tomorrow to join Hoagland in his quest to force NASA to tell the truth.

The Voice of One crying in the wilderness, “There are Afghan hounds on Mars!”
I note that in the smaller version of the pic, the resemblance to an Afghan hound is strangely muted…Hmm, no doubt those Evil NASA Eggheads are behind this…

Now we’ll have to send Gary Sinise, Connie Nelson and that black guy from Traffic to check it out.


Is it like some of those 3-D drawings where you have to put your face 30cm away from the screen or something???


…anyway, for those who are interested……more face’s on Mars…


I’m pretty sure it’s not, simply because I was the only one I knew who could never see it.

Er, I meant I could never see those stupid Magic Eye pictures.

Here, try this website. There’s a blowup of the area in question.

I think it looks more like Tommy Lee Jones.

Them Martians got real pointy heads, don’t they?

Someone please alert seethruart.

I thought it was an Easter Island head. Richard Hoagland, meet Erich von Daniken.

These are all fine answers. It’s all very zen.


seethruart has probably already decided that the pictures of the surface of Mars were faked, and were actually pictures of the surface of the Moon taken through a red-tinted lens. His proof will be to show how, if you take one little corner of that picture of the “Deputy Dawg” formation, and blow it up via Photoshop 'way beyond the limits of the picture’s own resolution, you’ll see something that seethruart will claim is a space shuttle (which he has also “seen” in pictures of the Moon, thereby proving that this also must be a picture of the Moon, get it?).