A new "Finish the" story will start this Wednesday, use this thread for Q&A

Such things are usually avoided by previewing before making an addition. I was able to avoid making two continuity errors, on in the first Western and one in the last Sci-Fi, by previewing and seeing that Ivylass had made an addition while I had been writing. Sometimes previewing doesn’t work (see #23-28 in the second Sci-Fi).

A note on the Voss (introduced in the new thread, #8): they are intended to be humanoid. Wouldn’t make sense to enslave a race without hands.

Jeff Olsen, is the Riqaska where Kark served as a recruit the same Riqaska that Kal Trontiann served?

And is “the best frelling team” a military, or a sports team?

IAt the same time, no less. (hint, hint)

Sports team. Whether “Tevondale” is the name of the team or the sport is up for grabs.

I wonder what the odds are that Captain Kark knows Zora?

Better than average. :wink:

Ivylass, I’m glad to see your idiocy and lack of humor aren’t hampering your writing skills. :stuck_out_tongue:

(An in joke, people, not a slam.)

Spell check can’t read my mind:

two and a half times

Forsetti is two and a half times the diameter of Earth class planets. How much internal volume would that be?

Okay, I think I can answer this one. The circumference of the Earth is 24902 miles. So the diameter of the Earth is (24902/pi), which is 7926.56 miles. The radius of the Earth is half that, or 3963.28 miles. The formula for volume of a sphere(I know the Earth isn’t perfectly round) is (4/3)(pi)(radius cubed) If the diameter of Forsetti is 2.5 times that of Earth the calculation should look something like this:

(3963.28 cubed)(pi)(4/3)=260766876054.39 cubic miles. To get the volume of Forsetti, you need to cube the 2.5 and multiply. 15.625*260766876054.39= 4074482438349.77 cubic miles, or 4 trillion cubic miles. But I’d at leasthalve that figure, as you would need some decent internal support structure.

Yes, I am a math geek, why do you ask?

Radius cubed! :smack: I wasn’t getting any useful answers from how I was trying to figure it (don’t ask). Thanks!
Supplemental to this Q…

In a planet sized latticed sphere*, would gravity decrease the further in you go? I seem to remember that it would, with anything at the absolute center actually in free fall. Can make a real difference in action scenes, so, even if you aren’t going to join in on the writing, any qualified answer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, future answer person!

  • it can’t be hollow, in the strictest sense of the word. It is hollowed out, though. Maybe kind of honeycombed…

Thanks for Thread Spotting us, whoever did it! :slight_smile:

And congrats to the authors of all the “Finish the” stories for the recognition. You deserve it.

BTW, this story is going quite nicely. What an imaginative group of authors you are.

Hmm, Robert’s initials certainly are interesting NCB!

Dang, I hit “Submit”, when I meant to hit “Preview”

We have several things going on, or need to figure out, or are waiting for.

  1. Robert and Martel are set to meet Corianav
  2. Connection between Kark and Kal Trontiann
  3. Will Zora be making an appearance?
  4. Kark is waiting for Jade Innison. What will her influence be?
  5. What was so bad about what the Voss saw, the binding liturgy?
  6. Well, I want to assume M’Artel is innocent of wrongdoing, so who set him up, and how? And WHY? I don’t see how he could have done the Skysoft, the timing feels wrong, but why is he running?
  7. What is the root of the enmity between the Tharn and the Xavvians? I mean, would whatever it is have been enough to cause Darson to have violated Security protocol, if he(sort of) had had the chance?
  8. And one idea I had at the end of the second story, and it would involve politics. M’Artel was to be a sort of Science Advisor, after training anyway, to Tobermory/q’Stant’Lit. The Forsetti Council had decreed that Tobermory’s upcoming inheritance of the Xavvis throne would take place ahead of the previous heir. That was Tobe’s uncle, and he was supposed to have been compensated. But hey, what would compensate you for a loss like that? I’d be pissed off, myself.

Well, I have some ideas about 1 ,3 ,6 ,& 7, but will post whatever fits. The story seems to evolving rather smoothly, with some very smart set ups. Any one of those set ups could morph into a major plot point.

I like the bitchy sister!

We now have several set ups for interactions and conflicts. I’m going to start in on the meat of the mystery in a few posts. What is the meat of the mystery? Don’t right know yet. Will depend on what some others will post, too. But, I’m going to start writing as though the set up phase is over. just fyi.

As for hidden meaning in the RAH intials, I like Heinlein, of course. :wink: I did an Asimov tribute in the first post. Did you catch it?

I gotta say again, you guys have great ideas, wild imagination, and story telling skill. These stories are such a blast for me.

Shoot, no, I haven’t caught it. I’ve read Asimov, who hasn’t, but I must be missing something. Hint please?

And “Jade Innison” is a partial anagram. I leave it to you to figure out of what. :wink:

Still no takers, eh? I’ll search Cecil’s Columns and Staff Reports. I know I’ve seen it come up here before, just can’t think of how it was brought up.
Good posts, everyone! we are now firmly in Act II. And the story definitely has meat.

Call me paranoid, but on the off chance that stuff is lost during the transition I have copied the text of the story so far. As NCB says, “It has meat”.

mongo need hint