A New Foster Dog

As I posted last week, my old Papillon girl passed away a week ago tonight, and a friend that volunteers for our animal control emailed me last night about a tiny little Papillon mix that was brought in as a stray.

Of course, I had to go look at her today; she is a tiny little scrap of a dog that weighs MAYBE 3 lbs. She is terribly skinny, has no teeth and her nails are curled under. Animal control normally holds strays 7 days to be claimed, but since I am friends with the manager of the shelter, she is allowing me to pick her up at closing today and do the 7 day hold in my home, the poor little thing is so terrified.

I did get a bit of tail wag from her when we visited. I will be fostering her and possibly adopting. She needs a loving home to live out her final days.

Part of me hopes that her owner reclaims her, but the other part says that her owner didn’t do a very good job of taking care of her.

People suck sometime.

What a sweetie. I hope you get to keep her since I agree that her owner didn’t do well by her and I know you will.

PapSett - Isn’t it amazing how things work out? I hope that this new dog’s owners don’t claim her. It’s obvious they don’t deserve her.


Aww bless, hope you do get to keep her.

Thanks guys… I am gona need all the moral support I can get with this. The LAST thing on earth I need right now is an elderly little dog with no teeth… but I culdn’t leave her there. I just couldn’t.

I just know if it was MY elderly little dog lost out on the street somewhere, I would be out moving heaven and earth to find her. No one has even called Animal Control to see if she had been picked up. What in the name of all that’s holy is WRONG with people???

She looks like a Macee to me. :slight_smile:

It takes a long a time for a dog’s nails to grow so that they’re curled under. Months even. If her owners do call, tell them she ran away again. Then give her an extra spoonful of gooshy food, just cause.

Don’t worry about the old part - you never know how long they’ll stick around with love and care. I took in one cat off the street who looked a lot like those Egyptian mummified cats - just barely over 4 pounds, what few teeth he had were totally rotten, fur matted or missing, paw pads hard as rocks. I took him to the vet expecting to be told the worst, and after running tests, the vet (who woudn’t even venture to guess at an age) said he was actually pretty healthy under all that, and might live another six months. We got the rest of his poor teeth pulled, gave him a flea bath and took him home, where he lived another two years before passing away quietly.

Since then we’ve taking in a few other elderly cats, some of whom lived years, some only a few weeks, but it’s all been good. I don’t mind being a retirement home.

Enjoy the little girl and make her time happy. Then later maybe get a puppy again.

We don’t actually care about “your little dog, too”, maybe? I did move “heaven and earth” when my “Puddin’ (a mere cat)” was lost. But I didn’t expect anyone else to care. You do. Why?

I had a senile cat. I never thought they got senile, but when he did, I informed his vet. When it became necessary, I had the vet come out and whack him. My vet cried as much as I did, but he got whacked (I’ve got a good vet) anyway. I whacked one with a shotgun, when it needed to be done, and pulling the trigger was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But I did it. And cried afterward.

I’m not inclined to cry when you encounter that situation. You are not a “speshul snowflake”, despite what you may believe. They get old, they die. They get lost, they die. It happens. Get over it. Posting about it on a message board like this is useless, in terms of actually finding them. It’s only useful in getting {{{hugs}}}, which I’m not inclined to give. If you wanted {{hugs}}, you maybe came to the wrong message board. [/end rant]

Just a small update: Macee is home and bathed. she is exploring everything and pottied outside like a good girl. She is a sweetheart and loves to be held. I am thinking Chihuahua/Papillon cross… she is the tiniest little thing I have ever seen!

She’s not even really afraid of my Gordons, although their heads are bigger than she is. Literally.

She won’t eat dog food tho; she did scarf down a Chicken McNugget, but won’t touch the dog food. She is so very thin, she has to be starving. Will keep y’all updated.

WTF??? If yoiu don’t care about animals maybe you need to stay out of the pet threads, umkay? There is no reason to be dickish simply because I am trying to do a good thing.

Thanks for the thread. It was hard to read your previous thread about the passing of your papillon, as my parents had two papillons as family pets. One was my dad’s dog, one was my mom’s. The first (my mom’s) passed away two summers ago I think, with me in a different state. It was very expected though – she lived longer than we thought she would, had a sudden bad seizure, and the decision was made.

The other is two years younger. So it will be her time soon as well. It’s going to be hard when I visit in Thanksgiving, since unless something unexpected happens, that will be the last time I see her. But I try not to think about that much.

Maybe you missed where I did say “I did move “heaven and earth” when my “Puddin’ (a mere cat)” was lost.”

Your problem, here, seems to be with the idea “I don’t give a shit about your mutt (or maybe you).” You equate it with the idea “I don’t give a shit about mutts (in general)”, which wasn’t what I said. Maybe you need to learn to read for comprehension, here.

Cheshire Human, your sneering has no place here. If you have a problem with Papsett, you need to take it to the Pit.

Thank you Ellen Cherry. I have no idea what I did to deserve being targeted for trying to do a good thing. This little dog certainly does not deserve the ignorant distain being dished out.

Pay no attention to what **Ellen **correctly noted is “sneering.” You are doing a good thing. I know that little dog feels a lot better today because of you.

Thank you so much. She seems contented, sleeping on what I call the ‘bunk bed’- plastic craft boxes stacked under my computer table with pillows on them. All my dogs and cats love sleeping there. She wags her little tail when she sees me. :slight_smile:

I sure wish there were more people in this world that felt the way you do. it is filled with selfishness and cruelty, and I wish there were more people like you. I am involved in rescue and you are

one of us - welcome to a small but wonderful club. I bet this won’t be the last one you take in, helping animals is addictive

I’ve started a Pit Thread just for you.

Good on you! That sweet-faced little darling is going to blossom in your care. I bet inside of a month she’ll be a different – much happier and healthier – dog!