A new game ala' Where's Waldo...Where's Cheney?

I’m sorry, but I’m not buying this “Dick Cheney is hiding out for security reasons.” I have neither seen nor heard from the man in a helluva long time…my money is that he’s either damn near dead somewhere OR got a heart transplant and is in recovery. The VP just doesn’t disappear like this. Something’s up.

“Hey, President Bush is giving a speech tonight before both houses of Congress, the Supreme Court, the entire Cabinet, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Mayor and Governor of New York, and the British Prime Minister, plus several dozen civilians. You think maybe we should keep someone in the line of succession out of the building just in case, God forbid, something were to happen?”

“No, that’s a stupid idea.”


Hmmmmm…if Dick Cheney hasn’t been seen or heard from in a long time,who’s that sitting next to the president in this AP photo taken September 20th?!

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I found it really odd.
What, like, hey, if this place is attacked, forget the president, we need to protect Cheney?

If you ain’t seein’ him, you ain’t lookin’ very hard…

September 19th…

September 18th…

September 16th… on MEET THE PRESS.

September 15th…

September 12th…

September 11th…

Fact check? Investigate? Yahoo search? Naw…wild speculation, that’s what makes this country and the Straight Dope’s fight against ignorance great!

Vanilla – sweetie – they’re not “protecting Cheney” they’re protecting the presidency. Ensuring that SOMEONE in the line of succession to the presidency is elsewhere in case the unimaginable should happen. Details can be found HERE (a peak at the 20th and 25th amendments to the Constitution shed some light as well) but for quickness, I’ll add that “a doomsday provision requires one member of the Cabinet, on a rotating basis, to stay far away from D.C. on that night.” Okey-dokey?

Not sure why some of the links to Yahoo! News photos aren’t working properly (11th, 15th and 16th), but if you do a simple search under “Photos” on Yahoo! News, you will turn up all of the above-referenced images.


Is obvious why the links are dead! They were never there! Peta is hoping that you will go on his word that there were there.

And those other pictures are questionable. I mean, look at September 19th. That picture is SO blurry, it could be anyone!

I REALLY hope you’re being facetious because I’m SO not in the mood to have to prove myself…

Dude…it’s satire.

I’ve heard the rumours that he’s “dead” and there will be those that still believe that.

My post was very tongue in cheek. :wink:

Hmmmmmmmmmm…Phil and Peta live in Washington, DC…we’re not quite sure what professions support their lavish lifestyle…Phil and Peta are well-versed in Beatle history…Phil and Peta strongly support this obvious imposter Cheney…

Is anyone else thinking “Billy Shears,” here?

Ow! Peta, stop it! OUCH! Hey, not th’ shin, Phil

Hey, that’s cool. Just making sure. I’ve taken a lot of crap lately (including finding myself defending GW and I’m so NOT a republican or a Bush-Booster) and am dealing with a lot of personal stuff as well, so my sarcasm meter’s probably a little off. :wink:

By the way, for the record…it’s Dudette.

And Uk-Ike :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ahh… then my most humble applogies. :slight_smile:

[sub]And hey…on your personal issues, things’ll work out. They always do. ::sympathy::[/sub]

Dude, if you play Bush’s speech last night backwards, it says “I buried Dick…”
:smiley: :smiley:

Where is he? Running the country, of course. That guy Bush is just for the TV cameras.

(Footenote: Cheney was not the missing Cabinet member at the join session last night – Tommy Thompson was also not there. Hmmm, maybe Tommy Thomson is really running the country…)

Well, I’m not sure where Cheney is, but as far as where I am… Hi!