Bush is unconscious--what's Cheney doin' in the oval office right now?

Okay, so Cheney’s filling in for W in the oval office till they pull the colonoscope tube out of the presidential butt.
Whatcha think is goin’ through his mind right now?
Is he askin’ the guy guarding the door, “Gee whiz, what’s this red telephone connected to?”
or “Tell me again, what happens when that guy over there holding the black bag with the nuclear launch codes has to go to the bathroom”?

One would imagine he had a morning briefing, re-ran through the procedure of, “if something should happen” again, and is probably now having lunch over the usual meetings.

I don’t imagine it is anything too awfully exciting.

hey, don’t rain on my parade! I’m just tryin’ to have some fun…
How often do I get a chance to use the phrase “presidential butt” ? :slight_smile:

I’d say Dead Eye Dick was probably “doin’ the Lovitz.”

He and Condi have been wondering, all these years, what the big fuss was all about. So, now’s their chance. They’re in the Oval Office enjoying a good cigar.

So we needed a 99 things Cheney plans to do when he becomes president thread, a Bush to search for own head thread, and now this one? Just HOW interested are you people in Bush’s ass anyway? :rolleyes:

As long as it’s out of Washington on Jan 20, 2009, I’ll be happy.

Since he’s all ass, we’re just looking for a place to start. :rolleyes:

Either “Man, this helmet needs to be buffed. And my breathing equipment is all raspy!” or “I get my own theme music? Awesome!”

Same thing he does every night, Pinky.


As unwanted Monica Lewinsky inspired images of an Oval Office/cigar/man/woman scenario danced through his head…

hey, that’s a joke… mine blow smoke, for a small extra fee!

That was brilliant. Now if we could just stick him in a cage in a lab with a dumb but lovable mouse…

I think he’s making copies of his naked butt on the presidential photocopier.

Well, we’ve got part of it covered. All we need is the cage and the lovable parts. . .

Well it IS the Most Powerful Ass in the Free World!

You have obviously never tried my father’s chili. :smiley:

So if Cheney dies “in office” and Bush is still having his ass reamed, then Nancy Pelosi becomes President!!! I so hope that happens! End of Iraq War!!

Legislating like a motherfuck.

Wackin-Off To the Oldies™!


He is patiently waiting for insects to come within range of his sticky tongue.