Bush is unconscious--what's Cheney doin' in the oval office right now?

Don’t you mean HE is the most powerful ass in the free world?

Shouldn’t that be in capital letters with a lot of exclamation points?

Also, technically, he’d be “Exec’uting”, not legislating.

But…he isn’t part of the Executive Branch! :rolleyes:

I see him sitting in the Presidential Swivel Chair, spinning around, going “WHEEEEEEEEEE!”

He’s just a big ol’ kid at heart.


Probably trying to figure out how to shoot the man in the moon in the face.

That’s what I’d do.

CynicalGabe, given Bush’s current (well, yesterday’s) position, I don’t think shooting the man in the moon is such a hot idea…


Bush is unconscious–what’s Cheney doin’ in the oval office right now?

Same thing he does every day: run the country.


I do not share your patience.

Signing his own pardon.

Actually, the AP said Cheney was on the Maryland shore, reading and playing with his dogs, the entire time he was Acting President.

But I’d like to imagine that he was arranging to have Bush told, when he emerged from anesthesia, that he (Bush) had slipped into a coma while he was being operated on, and that it was already 2009 and his term was over. And that he had to go into hiding right away, as 18 different terrorist organizations were out to kill him.

Then Cheney could cut out the middleman and rule the world directly.