A New Milk-Based Product With An Attitude

Hey, all you dopers with weblogs, want to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new marketing experiement? Of course not. But Dr. Pepper thinks people do. Observe:

I can’t help it, I find this hilarious. Everything about it. It’s like something you’d hear on a Simpsons episode. A “milk-based product with an attitude”? “Key influence bloggers”? The “in the know crowd”? Is this a put-on?

Nevertheless, I’m hyping Raging Cow on my website, even though I think the actual drink sounds foul. I think Dr. Pepper has the potential to really influence the blogging world, though not at all how they intended.

perhaps it is the " in the cow crowd" that are the " key influence bloggers." i hope it is better that the lizard stuff, that was way too watery.